Which planet is best for visualisation?

By that I also mean concentration, holding an idea or vision in all its details. The moon hour, Mercury hour or do you have any other ideas?

Can you be more specific on thr detail or idea? Business idea? Just holding a better more vivid visualization?

One thing I do know is Mercury is the default planet. When you really can’t pinpoint which planet you need go to mercury. It is after all the mid week planet.


Well any idea, but for example visualising sexual fantasies. I mean it comes and goes and I can only hold vague images temporarily. The details and clearness of the images and holding those images without the mind going off onto other things

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I swear i say this 1000000x on this forum. But 80% of the questions on it can be answered by franz bardons Initiation to Hermetics book. It will whip your ass into shape. If you read it in one month your visualisation skill will sky rocket

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Its like karate school for the mind.

Neptune but for fantasy only, not material manifestation of your fantasies. If its just for fun or pleasure then go with Neptune

Mars if you’re looking for some rough and kinky stuff, imo it’s the most intense planet when it comes to this type of stuff, specially now since it’s in Scorpio.