Which place is this?

A few weeks ago, I was astral projecting and found myself in this place… it was just black space with a circular structure floating in it. I was standing towards the edge and there were entities forming a circle around me and another entity in the center. The ones around me were shadows in the shape of people in robes and the one in the center was in the form of someone I know but it’s energy was much stronger than any entity I’ve come across before. We were having a conversation, idk what it was about. I don’t remember anything else but I was extremely stressed out and remained that way for hours, even after coming back.

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It could be anything, symbolism from your subconscious, memories, hings you learned in life, maybe a mix of a few put together.

It’s the same as dream-work, we don’t have the target to give you accurate feedback.You might find out what this was as time goes on and if you visit it again to get more information.


Ok. Thank you