Which of the Koetting book to read first?


Just bought the complete works of Koetting. My expirience is limited on the occult and i would like some advise on which of his books to read first. It would be great to know if any perticular order to read them are prefereble. Thank you!

In my opinion, start with Works of Darkness, then move to Kingdoms of Flame, and then Evoking Eternity. After that, work through the Book of Azazel and Ipsissimus. Questing After Visions can be worked concurrently with WoD, because it has information and meditations that will help you to reach the being state necessary.

Ok, thank you very much. Where would you put the book “Become a Living God” in that order? or is that book more a destilation of the rest? As much as i appreciate reading i would try to avoid going over the bridge for water so to say.

Become a Living God doesn’t have anything his previous books don’t, with the exception of the chapters on Divination and Voodoo. Everything else is just a word for word copy of the other texts.

Ok, thank you.