Which money magick you did? And which results you got? ๐Ÿ˜

I am curious which money magick you guys did and which results you got wit it

Iโ€™ve done a few.

I made a serious pact with an entity, overall he has promised me that I will never become homeless and I will always have at least enough money to continue to live comfortably with a roof over my head. I did not take this pact lightly, we discussed terms and specifics, and he granted me to start off with the exact amount of money, to the penny, I needed to get back into school. Thus far, I have lived comfortably and have never needed a โ€œrealโ€ job (I do art, spell, divination, and other commissions at my leisure).

I have used a pentacle of the Sun a couple times for enough money to pay for important things, I was granted $500 and $1000 respectively.

I used a local money spell to anoint a candle and some money with herbs and oil, I specifically asked for more commissions with my freelance artwork and spellwork and was granted multiple commissions immediately that day.

I made my friend the third pentacle of the sun and heโ€™s recently been able to acquire enough money and was approved to buy a new car, heโ€™s in the process of getting it as I type.

Not mine, but the same friend as before gave me a sachet for money and prosperity for new years and it has been very helpful to trickle money in for upkeeping my home.

Those are the ones I remember right now, Iโ€™ve done more here or there for smaller sums of money. Working my way higher and higher. :crossed_fingers:


I did a sachet bag whit a weird flour, it works fast, calling a demon. 5 mnts ut take to set up and finish ritual a rifual to guland. It wirks, tryng seals now.

Iโ€™ve done all 7 rituals in wealth magick by Damon brand, its been about a year since I started, im currently on my second go at completing all 7 rituals (currently on 4). Most of my results have been mental, acquiring important knowledge of business practices that can make me very rich, the book focuses on living your purpose and having money manifest that way, in the next year I should be making some great money from real estate then invest in important business seminars that will skyrocket my earning potential.

One of the most important things that I learned was wealth isnt so much about saving more so trusting the amount coming in and enjoying the spending process. For me money is best spent on investments and experiences, but I did buy myself a cool shirt today.

I highly recommend the working to all serious and those looking to make wealth their focus.
They also have some books that are less extreme related to money.


Bime has been my go-to Goetic money demon for the past year. As I am someone who enjoys material luxury, Bime has aided me in manifesting significant amounts f cash to pay for these items.


I am also a person who likes luxury and was wondering how you approached Bune for it?

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