Which method of kundalini rising to choose?

Greetings !
I’ve been a practitioner of RHP indian tantra for about 8 months.I perform breathing exercises daily , to clean energy body & aura, to balance ida and pingala.Also a meditation for withdrawing mind from the thoughts and chakra cleansing exercises and bija mantras.I also eat healthy and do.different asanas everyday.I also perform kriyas as to prepare for the kundalini.Problem is in the rhp tantra you are not allowed to raise the kunda force on your own.For this and other reasons I gave up on the RHP.But the question remains - how to raise the kunda force ?

I searcher the forum a bit and found recommendations about ahrimanic kunda rising.Thing is in the rhp tantra they teach you to expel darkness from your chakras and that this is healthy for them.In ahrimanic yoga you blacken the chakras?! Isn’t this dangerous ? Does it truly bring more powerful awakening?If someone had risen the kunda force through this method please share your opinion! Would love to hear.

I also read Dragon Rouge’s magical course 1.0 and the Dragon meditation there.It seems pretty straightforward.Can it be used successfully without being part of the order and using its energies?

I see some.people use evocation/invocation of different demons and they help them with the awakening.Can this be done by a newb like me ? I’ve never evoked/invoked anything.What are the benefits of this method and are there any residual effects from the demonic intervention?

And finally, chi kung. I see there are a two ninja books , one by Ashida kim and one by Glen Morris.I’ve acquired Ashida kim’s secrets of the ninja but techniques in it seems foreign to me.Are there advantages of this method of kunda rising and if so,what exaclty ?
Anyways, would be very thankful if you shed some light(darkness) on the matter and guide a novice on his way !

There is a video on EA’s channel:

And a while ago I did a practice where one sits, rotating own torso counter-clockwise… I felt strong shivers, maybe it’s an effective motion for stimulating Kundalini.
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So you didn’t had your kundalini awakened ? Are you continuing with the pursuits?

I wouldn’t know, sometimes it happened me to experience “silent explosions which flood you with joy” as an author wrote in reference to Kundalini, and also be able to cause a rush of energy in my thighs and lower back… it may be awakened to some degree. Unfortunately I stopped, at least until I’ll possibly give it another try :slight_smile:

I see. Would advise to start your practice again as kunda force can benefit many aspects of your life not only magical abilities.Always worth pursuing. Anyways, gonna ask these questions on the appropriate section of the forum.

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It is true that forcing her to rise is not recommended. The safest approach is true surrender to the divine feminine. Basically, she will rise at her own pace, cleansing chakras and burning away past accumulated karma along the way. At each chakra, she will bring up past issues and emotional hangups for you to deal with and let go of. This process may last years.

She (the goddess Kundalini) may also appear in person, to perform shaktipat, for tantric union or to help clear blockages that impede your progress. This is a common occurrence for tantrikas and has also happened to me.

In the end it is best to work with a form of the Goddess directly, whichever manifestation you feel most drawn to. I was helped by Durga Devi’s original Sumerian ancestor, but it could be any form of the Great Goddess, Mahadevi, that you feel drawn to. I am also partial to various forms of Tara.


If someone needs kundalini awakening should definitively work with Leviathan
Also Behemoth and Ziz can help with raising it and pull it through from base to the top.
Is a very potent alchemy



You have propably fine experiences with Leviathan, as I remember you having admitted in privacy, but you told me as well for learning to leave the flesh every head of Azerate is helpfull.

Let me state for Kundalini, my ‘speaking sleep activity’ suggested I have something like the need not to get Kundalini offered by ruling SSA which rules the circumstances of my life.

When using Kundalini, according to my experience, you get consciousness widened by a conscious, intelligent individual, this mentioned serpent. It seems to be something like a need not to have to trust someone who can decid the circumstances by which I interprete experiences.

On this way like this:
Do what you have to do but do it alone.

Then I ask myself, why the fuck am I gossipping here further about things I already ticked?
Because I like you Rav, can’t sleep, respect you as one of the most respected by me here and I wanna talk. Fucking late this night but I now am up 48 hours in average and then sleeping mostly 7 hours, but I already slept during all the day light hours in one case of the last three weeks.

Excuse me, Rudi, I can be harassing and disturbing when I like someone, but that’s the only kind of beholding disturb. The rest is fuck.

Good Morrow by the Way, Man.

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Please, sir, I am new to evocation.How should I start working with Leviathan? Also , is this method of awakening more dangerous and does it offer any specific benefits ? An insight on the matter would be greatly appreciated !

@Witchman09 It’s a difficult process because you have to understand what it means to fully surrender to something that’s outside of your control. Deities like Kali Ma and Tiamat are perfect for this if you utilize the symbolism associated with them correctly during meditation.

In your mind you have to become a sacrifice to your patron deity and lose yourself in oblivion. Dissolve and disappear. The only safety net is your destroyer and she’ll never leave your side.

All I can say is it’s hard to mentally grasp nothingness. I don’t think anyone can do it without a deity guiding them. The blocks people are talking about aren’t a problem during meditation if you fully surrender. Those things are mundane things that have no meaning to someone who put themselves in the hands of something higher than them. Believe me, I know. I did it for 3 years.

There is a “but” to what I said though. Mundane problems will come up in your life. Learning how to live without any attachments and experiencing bliss in everything you do is a hard thing to accomplish. Your ego will rebel against you at some point. This could be before or after you experience ego death. This is just a manifestation of fear. For me it was my fear of death and upon further introspection I found out why I was afraid of death. Simply put I was afraid of missing out on certain things in life. Attachment.

So as a person whose on the lhp I went out and did the things I feared missing out on. This balanced me out.

I know you’ll struggle with things if you go through with it but there’s nothing you need to fear because you’ll find the answer you’re looking for at the end of this particular rabbit hole.


It is interesting to see, how something so simple, in the sense of lacking complexity, can be simultaneously so hard to do. I think it is because we fear losing ourselves, our minds, our identities, our egos.

I’m not much for faith, seeing it as a pretty weak, mostly Christian concept, but in this case, faith in the Goddess, that she will take care of you, that she will help you and won’t abandon you, is in fact key. You must have faith in her in order to trust her and in order to be able to surrender your ego to her. This whole letting go thing is really a bit like that classic game of Trust they play during company workshops, where you allow yourself to fall back, whilst a co-worker catches you. If you don’t have that trust in a higher power, you simply won’t take the leap.


Well I have taken high doses of both DMT and psilocybin and it feels very similar.If you dont fully surrender to the trip, you will suffer.I can imagine its something similar? But heck, if Im gonna feel.like tripping balls 24/7 I think Im better off with a dormant kunda force.You are saying that you stayed in this ‘nothingness’ condition for 3 years? Without the ability to pursue your dreams and interests ? This sounds horrible.But why then people talk so good things about kunda force ? That magick becomes easier,that you need less sleep, have more concentration and energy etc.How can I be not attached to anything and at the same time be more productive and powerful than before the awakening ? And finally, do you really think if I rise kunda without ida and pingala balanced, without practices for mind silencing and without cleansing the microcosmic orbit that my patron could get me out of trouble and will repair my endrocrine system ? I dont think so.Just a food for thought.Looking forward to hear your answer :slight_smile:

Of course , it is normal to have such fears.But according to Thomas Karlsson , the ego death in LHP and RHP is different.The RHP is intellectual detachment from the present and the mundane as you put it.But LHP on the other hand leads to full presence in the here and now and probably this lets you to use the kunda force according to your will and not to merge with anything external? What do you think? Also what to say about the people.who awake it by themselves ? How they cope.with it without the getting insane ? I feel that if u have the power to raise it on your own you wont need any external help afterwards.But what tf do I know ?

Same. It is similar to this in the sense that you can’t force it and you need to surrender.

That’s what I chose to do. I wanted to experience enlightenment, escape this universe and see if there was any god-like powers at the end of that road. 1=0

It actually made things easier because I didn’t give a fuck. It was the only time in my life where I felt like I could do anything or have anyone I wanted. I was approaching women who were straight 10s on the reg and they would literally do anything I wanted. It wasn’t fair. :joy:

Well it changes your perspective on a lot of things. If you’re a positive person you’re going to have positive results for the most part. The problem I ran into was I had to pretty much lose everything to gain everything. So I kept going down that rabbit hole until I literally lost everything. I eventually became extremely nihilistic and developed a drinking problem as a result of losing everything. Life goes on and it doesn’t care if you had some epiphany or spiritual awakening. The western world will chew you up and spit you out if you’re going through this.

Just because you find some “secret” meaning it doesn’t mean it’s going to save you from the harsh and cruel world we live in. Nature is still nature. I had to quit meditating and pull myself together. It took me several years to do this and I’m finally in a position where everything is okay but I haven’t fully recovered. I quit drinking and stopped being so toxic. It’s like once you really look deep into the void it stays with you for the rest of your life.

It does. In the beginning it felt like I had life on easy mode. I only started to get discouraged when I started losing shit I thought was important and I couldn’t find answers to any of the questions I had. I asked dozens of authors for advice on (some of them well known here) what I was going through and none of them gave a fuck or could give me any answers but they write about this shit like they’re experts. I realized I was alone. Perhaps that was the lesson I needed to learn? What a cruel and unforgiving cosmic joke that is.

I’m no expert but I understand now where I fucked up. You have to find something you enjoy doing. And you have to be in a position where nobody is going to fuck with you. If you can support yourself doing this then I think you’re ahead of the bullshit I ran into. The powerful part is just a byproduct IMHO.

Not sure on what you mean. I took a western approach to this. I was inspired by the works of Asenath Mason and Michael Ford when I decided to work with my kundalini.

I had back problems before I started and it did fix my back. So I would answer yes to your question.

I just wanted to say the whole experience had it’s highs and lows. I wasn’t prepared for the lows I would experience. There really isn’t enough information out there about the negative aspects of kundalini. And I’m not saying that the whole experience I had was negative. I don’t regret doing it and I would go through it again if I had to. I think everything I went through was for a reason. That reason being is where I’m at now. The understandings I’ve gained about life and myself are irreplaceable. And I wouldn’t want to live life without these understandings because they’ve given me a type of control over myself that I didn’t have before. Plus I’m happier. I value things in a different way now. I truly understand everything doesn’t last forever. So I take it one day at a time, truly appreciating everything good that comes my way. I owe this to my awakening.


There’s no difference between left and right, it is the same thing.

The trick is to unite dualities, that is how you progress.

If you are too out of Kilter, too focussed on one side of the coin, that is when you have problems.

There is also no difference between trying to awaken it yourself and letting it happen. In both cases, the doer is you, the Self.

There is also no need for any external help, Guru, or any of the popular trimmings that usually come with Kundalini. You do need to do your research and meditate, hard work cannot be avoided, as with anything in life, but it is mostly in the mind. If you change your mind and adopt the right mindset, things will happen for you, without you even wishing for them or desiring them. Detachment from desire and the fruits of your actions is key here.