Which Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian deities have mind control powers?

Which Mesopotamian / Sumerian deities have mind control powers? Or the ability to control or alter people’s behaviours? I’m looking at the underworld deities in particular.

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all of them do to different degrees. Let me ask you this, if you want a job, what would a spirit of success and money do? Would you just instantly get the job without the interview process? Or would they manipulate the employer/s to accept your application?

Most magick is mind control, no matter how you twist it.


GS Garret spoke about this with Ishtar

Also I recently met Marduk and he gave me the impression that he is excellent at this.

Idk why but Kingu gives me that vibe too but I don’t work with him and haven’t met him. I just get the vibe

Enki in his story also did this and Mummu was quite persuasive towards Abzu. Idk about Mummu though


Thank you.

JFYI, I think Kingu is one of Belial’s masks.

All archons I’ve encountered are masters of mind control via programming and persuasion.

But this is an underworld god who serves under either Ishtar or Inanna. I feel his methods use mental programs too and I feel he is connected to an archon somehow, but I don’t know which one - not Enki though. Could be Enlil, Marduk, or Yahweh.


I’m not exactly an expert here, but Enki and Baal would probably be helpful. Enki is more trickstery and Baal more thunder god up in your face-y, time for conquest. If it is a love matter I’d look into Inanna. Enlil is more of a cautious, wise advisor type, though not afraid to cast judgement and carry it out, at least that’s the vibe I got from reading old myths with these spirits.


Dantalion is said to be Babylonian which I find interesting. Aside from him, maybe Birdu (a messenger), and Zakar (also messenger but with dreams). I’ve included messenger gods because I think mind manipulation goes with them, but maybe others would disagree.

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Also, if I am recalling correctly, Inanna was also a goddess of the harvest, which would make her a great goddess of prosperity. I’d look into that one though. There are books with collections of myths from these areas. Some of the more well known ones are The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Enuma Elish, and there are also various books that cover different stuff you can probably buy online. If you can access academic journals and databases and such things, there are also translations available digitally.

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