Which LHP writer and book has had the most profound effect on you?

Curious and looking for inspiration :slight_smile:

Asenath Mason and her “Draconian Ritual Book”


Mark Alan Smith and the entire collection of Primal Craft books. Discovering his books a few years ago completely changed my path.


While not traditionally talked about as LHP, the Feri Tradition is indeed a LHP practice,and Storm Faerywolfs work has been inspiring my practice for the last 16 years.


Asenath Mason: Draconian Ritual Book
Thomas Karlsson: Qabalah, Qliphot and Goetic Magic
I really love them!!!


Franz Bardon - Initiation Into Hermetics.Came from ‘can do nothing’ to ‘can do minor shit’. :smile:


Koetting’s Works of Darkness and Baneful magic
Mark Smith’s books, particularly Queen of Hell.
Asenath Mason’s Draconian ritual book
…at least from what most would consider Left hand path


Do you believe if I told you that I found a really good shit into not so expensive books? GoM’s books, like, Magickal Cashbook gave me ASTONISHING results, even better than Magickal Riches. Wealth Magick also is amazing. Demons of Magick was great too. One of my first steps on Goetia.

But then I found a lot of other resources that I think is better than Demons of Magick. Some texts. sadly, isn’t for everyone. And, at the end, I found myself with my own incantations and evocations. Today, on Goetia, I can call the demons and the angels to their appearance. And this only came with the guidance of the same.

I believe that, at some point, you’ll find something that works for you better than everything else, and then is the time to move to the next point. Now I’m on the hermeticism again, also into African Voodoo. I came from the Candomblé, which is very powerful and so, but I wanted to expand my horizons on the African systems, and since I had some experience in Voodoo, I started from there.

So you should start with some “non expensive books”, like GoM’s ones, just to get a quick start. After that, you can look for something “deeper”, and, in the end, you’ll reach real undeniable results with that stuff, so you should keep it and expand your horizons. But never stop to read.


Not strictly LHP literature but what really opened my mind (or at least one window inside of it, it actually took me a good while to respond to the call) was a trilogy about egypt mythology and lore from Günther Roeder (“Cults and Oracles”, “Myths and Lore” and “The world of Gods”) and I remember damn well how my father wished I would have picked some horse magazine instead of three books worth approx. 50 bucks when he asked 11 y.o. me if I wanted something from the book store.
It did a massive groundwork for my understanding of everything that followed, later.
As for LHP writers: there are shockingly none, so far. Nothing of influence or with a specific moment of understanding for my own path.


Second this, his books are great.


Liber null & psychonaut by peter j caroll if that counts.


I read a few LHP books, but none really struck me as “damn that’s mind blowing” more like “okay, next.”


Anton Long.

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Aphotheosis by Michael W. Ford, the very beggining of my path.
Along with Asenath Mason’s work in general.
And ofc the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey.

Koetting’s Evoking Eternity

As a newbie was Ea koetting’s book of azazel.

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This was my book too.

Many books…

But recently I read “High Magick” by Damien Echols and it helped me integrate Eastern meditation and LHP ritual.

Check out his origin story. He spent his adult life in prison after being wrongly convicted of a satanic murder of young boys in the 90s.

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Koetting Book of Azazel and Dante Abiel Necromantic Sorcery

Liber Null & Psychonaut.

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