Which kind of candle should I use?


In Become a Living God E-book E.A says that in order to perform baneful magick you need a black tempered black candle. Would it be OK if I used a black votive candle instead ?

Would I have the same results ? Would there be any problem if the black candle is votive ?

No, it doesn’t matter. Go ahead, you’ll be fine.

What does a “tempered candle” even mean? Does that mean freshly melted wax that was refrigerated afterward? Because thats what tempering chocolate means. All I could find was tempered candle holders, otherwise.

I think they meant tapered candle not tempered. Because I recall E.A. mentioning tapers. The OP is asking about candle shape and size so It was most likely taper and I have used votives, tealights, chimes, and pillars in place of tapered candles. Makes no difference. I can take a tiny white tealight and turn it into a powerful ritual candle with any purpose, so anything is possible.