Which is the best Demon for self published writers to contact?

I am a self published writer of short erotic fiction and i would like to know which Demon is the best to contact to help increase my sales which have slowed down drastically these past few months. I am prepared to work hard as I take my writing seriously. I find myself drawn to Lucifer and Bune. Are there any other Demon’s that I could work pertaining to this? Any advice would be appreciated.


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King Paimon gets my vote.


Thank you. Much appreciated.


I would use a servitor, rather than a demon. A demon will give you a bump in sales, but it won’t be long term. With even an increase of a few sales, it will mean the demon did his job and fulfilled the task, so you have to specifically state how large of an increase you want.

However, a servitor will continue to work as long as you provide him with an adequate food source, and there is no limit to the steady increase in sales. That’s what other authors, such as Damon Brand of the Gallery of Magick, have done.


Thank you.