Which is stronger? Invocation or evocation?

Just a quick question, which one is STRONGER, evocation or invocation?

Also, for evocation, is it necessary to make a triangle on the ground?


You can’t really compare them. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but both are dependent on the capabilities of the magician.

Generally speaking, invocation is used for making changes to the self, and evocation is used for making changes to one’s external reality.

And no, a triangle is not necessary for evocation. It depends on the system one is working within. Ceremonial traditions tend to use them, while religious systems like demonolatry do not.


It depends on what you want to accomplish.

I’ve never known the difference since they’re sometimes used interchangeably, but the way I remember it now is invocation is internal and evocation is external

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I’m working with draconian Qlippoth with naamah and yatuk dinoh sistem with Aeshma, on different weeks.

My goals for now are to absorb these spirits energy and transform my chakras, so I guess invocation is the right one.

If I’m decided to draw on the ground, is it better a circle or a triangle for this matter? Because I can use this drawing method on the ground for invocation too right?

Thanks very much for your answer

Both, or neither. They are fundamentally the same thing, but applied in different ways.

There are two lines along which invocation&evocation are delineated as praxes:

More contemporary praxes tend to call any channeling type summoning and any external type summoning an evocation.

The older and in my opinion vastly more useful distinction holds that invocation is a “call” to a spirit to manifest and act on the invoker’s will, while an evocation forcibly binds a spirit to the evoker’s will and command.

Along the lattermore lines, I’d argue that both novices and masters are more liable to gain significant and satisfactory result invoking, while most anyone with any level of experience in between will find evocation more effective.

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It’s not a matter better or stronger. That’s like asking if a knife is better than a fork, or a hammer better than a screwdriver - they’re different tools for different jobs.

In this case, since you might like a circle to focus energy on you, AND you might like a triangle to act as a focus for manifestation, and you want that manifestation to be within you, try both - draw a circle and the triangle inside the circle.

Add a pentagram and you’ve got the circle used in the Ordo Ascensum Aetryrnalis. Or, you could use the circle of pacts from Kingdoms of Flame which has two circles with demonic writing affirming the ancient covenant in between, or another circle from a different grimoire, or none at all.

Thanks! I’m gonna try it!!