Which is better? Solitary or Group?

In my opinion, I prefer solitary because I enjoy it that way and I work better too.

I think there are points on both sides I have been working on my own for YEARS but in terms of high magick just a few years. There has been immense development but I felt I needed to be around more experienced and wise people. I will be joining an order soon.

Having attended a few introductory meetings before the initiations I feel similar to Uncle-Al in a way. There was a chat amongst everyone in the order after a meeting, this one member a guy began to talk about how he and his sister have a close bond and people always think they are together as a couple. He even said his dad said to them it is a pity you two could not get married. He recounted his extreme jealousy over his sister. It was borderline incest talk.

Then discussion about suicide came up and this same guy said he was feeling down because his friend’s mom drove her to suicide. This other lady then said he shouldn’t have said that because the suicide victim and her mom could have made a suicide pact. I found her admonishment to be laughable given the low likelihood of a suicide pact between the two.

Then someone else stated that the teachings in the order are far more rigourous than what one have to go through in order to earn a terminal degree. Truly laughable. In all these discussions I just kept quiet. Afterall, that is not why I am attending these meetings. In terms of positives they spoke about some wonderful spiritual growth that come through difficulties i.e. emotional, spiritual and financial.

Also some rituals may have more power in a group setting.