Which is better? Solitary or Group?

Hi all
I’ve been solitary since about 2014. Lately I feel like I would like to join a group but I keep getting dead ends. Last night I did a tarot reading and I got good results for either path. Would love to hear folks experiences on here on group vs solitary. Thanks.

I believe Solitary is good first, that way you’re not gullible and easily influenced by what a group tells you or follow someone else’s coattail. However, once you reach a point a group might be able to help you to add to your experiences.

I started out as a kid by myself working on what I could lol, I wasnt allowed on the computer or anything so it was all trial and error, with occasional help from a slyph/air elemental. Then after I reached a point I got involved with groups who could help in pushing me further with frontload free confirmations and such.


I was in a group of people and it was a disaster, then I attempted to join an order and it was a disaster, since then I work alone and I’ll forever will


I like being solitary. Maybe some day I might check out a group, but solitary is going great!

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In EA’s book, Works of Darkness, he talks about how, at a certain stage of development, a magician may be drawn to joining an order. He mentions that it seems to be fairly common.

I think both options have their pros and cons. However, with the proliferation of online communities these days, you can technically do both.

My advice would be to do some contemplation, look at your spiritual goals, and see if they align with any specific groups, and take it from there.

You can also ask any patron spirits you may have for guidance. For example, EA describes in Questing After Visions, that when he was burned out from the extremes of black magick, he was drawn to an esoteric order within the Mormon Church, by his guides, to help restore him to balance.


I’m striving for my own divinity - so everyone and everything else can just go and ‘Get Fucked!’ Seriously!

I was in a rhp Magickal Order and although I learnt a great deal of great stuff a lot of the other Order members had significant lifestyle, life choices, drug, personal hygiene and other issues.

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Why should your spiritual progress matter to me? What I’m concerned about is that you may achieve your own self-conscious divinity and I won’t!

P.s. If any of you waste your time having concerns for my welfare, especially my spiritual welfare, then you’re fucking contemptible.It’s a cutthroat world - like it or not. And I strive to live by Lex Talionis, so I’ll die fighting!


Solitary, we all go that route eventually, because working in groups with others who may have slightly (or largely) different objectives results in cognitive dissonance, which sandbags your personal progress as you have to work through those inner conflicts until you reach the point of vajra (being both immovably & irresistibly yourself). However, once you reach that point, you no longer need & may only want a group for whimsical entertainment. Some people grow quicker through adversity/difference & inner conflict, some don’t.

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Thanks for the perspectives folks! I think I WILL stay solitary at this time. I was in a Wiccan coven for a few years and I just remember how restrictive it was. I didnt like that at all. Sometimes I do like structure as opposed to floundering about on my own, but it’s nice to go my own way also!


It really depends on what you’d like to experience: both paths are valid in their own right. Ultimately, there is only True Self and yet it is all things. You, as an individual consciousness, are never, ever alone: all of existence is with you in the present moment even if the senses manage to deceive you temporarily.

As much as I would have loved to join a competent and sturdy group I figured that I will work alone. I don’t even go into co-op mode with other practicioners anymore

True, at some point I was heavily drawn to join the O.T.O, it was an irrational urge to participate in their stuff. However, it was told to me by one of my succubi that upon joining them, I would realize how much they were different from me, so I approached them with caution, following my local OTO body in social media and talking to some of the members, and… they were a bunch of idiots for both mundane and esoteric reasons, so I decided not to join and I only consume stuff from the American and British OTO branches.

Some months ago, many demons I work with, with Astaroth leading them, did some kind of intervention to me, telling me that I should become an Orthodox priest, thus I would be able to make a spiritual career, having a job that goes with my nature, working with very few people (there are very few Orthodox people in my country) and having an almost secure opportunity of marrying a woman who would be not into all the modern stuff I don’t like. I refused and never attended the church, but since then Orthodox Christianity became an integral part of my system

I have commitment issues when it comes to joining orders like I never thought of joining any though I have been invited to, the thought I’d joining an order rubs me the wrong way.

It’s totally different, groups are lead by sometimes very powerful entities which also protects and empowers the individuals of the group as long as they have the same goal.

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I walk alone, I always have and always will.
My values and beliefs are always changing based on new information, and this doesn’t always sit well in a group.
I believe this is the main foundation of any type of learning, a malleability of your mind to new information.
Of course, there are some exceptions.
Certain fields require groups, but I won’t speak on those out of respect for certain practitioners here.

If we are talking about sexy time, definitely better in a group. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

You can learn a lot from other people. Not everyone sees the world like you. I say go to the parties, just don’t drink the coolaid.

I have tried to put myself out there. 99.9% of people are full of bullshit. But an order might give you the magical discipline you need to hone your skills.

Thanks for the advice everyone. At this time I think I’ve decided to stay a solitary. I was actually trying to join a few groups, but communication was horrible. No…it was non-existent. So, to save myself frustration I’ll just stay to myself and learn on here. :slight_smile:

If I could find an amazing group I would prefer that, but I live in the middle of nowhere, I’m fine mostly working alone. My husband helps me if I need help or another person for a spell.