Which Goetia Spirit?

I was gang stalked by some people that cursed and used malicious magick against me.
Who from the Goetia can I call on that could show me when it first started and how they did it?

How do you know? In your introduction you said you have no experience in the occult so how do you know these unknown people used magick against you? Non magick users don’t generally know when they have been cursed.

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It’s a really long story I couldn’t possibly explain it all here

It involved this guy I use to work with who is heavy into the occult. He was stealing money from my friends business and I caught him on camera. It goes super deep but other people were involved that’s how I know. When I say I don’t have experience it just means I haven’t dabbled, when your world gets turned upside down you just know.

From Demons of Magick:
Leraje - to force an enemy to be revealed through rumor.
Decarabia - to produce visions of those who speak about you, so that you may know their minds.

Thanks I read up on him and that seems exactly what I’m looking for. Do you have any experience with him?

I’ve summoned Leraje but never Decarabia.