Which god is the Egyptian aspect of Ares?

I’m trying to find the Egyptian aspect of Ares/Mars and the ones I came across are Horus and Montu but does anybody know which god is his Egyptian counterpart?

Sobek perhaps? Though I don’t believe there to be a direct absorption as was the case with Bast/Selene/Artemis or with Isis/Aphrodite.


Definitely not Horus imo.


Sobek was a Crocodile headed god but non of Ares’s aspects are associated with Reptiles

@N.M.Ginnarr yes I doubted about Horus being him as well but about the other ones you mentioned I’ve seen them too but I need confirmation for which one he is

There is non. You’ll have to pick one of the others, personally I’d vote for Maahes.

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