Which entity specializes in clairaudience

I’m looking for an entity that has lots of public information out there, is very good with new magicians, very patient and an excellent mentor and of course (specializes in clairaudience).

Seere, Lucifer, King Paimon


I think vassago?

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i’ve been asking king paimon (respectfully) to enhance my astral senses so that I may hear and communicate with him. Should I move on to lucifer or keep trying with King Paimon?

Who do you suggest?

Do you meditate?



And you’ve opened your third eye?

How long are your sessions?

How often in one week?

Quite honestly I think that’s the problem. I’ve been meditating consistently for the past four days i would say and on and off for the past few months or so

Do you have any guided meditation that you do personally to help open your third eye?

Consistency is key. But the bigger question of those three is, are opening the third eye? When you meditate, do you feel a pressure or tingling sensation on your forehead, in between the brows?

Yes I’ll link them in a bit, but I still have questions. I’m trying to cap where you’re at so I can give you some decent instructions to get further.

I don’t always only sometimes and especially so if i concentrate on it. Thank you I appreciate this

I have communicated with an entity before but it was my own so i think that hardly counts… I created an entity gave him a name a purpose and a sigil. His energy was my thoughts, and i would send him to my loved ones to grant them peace. One day i woke up and had a thought come into my head that told me my entity was being held down, and that imposters took over. Not sure if this helps you at all lol now im just rambling

I’d place focus on your third eye. I’ll link the vids. Remember. Consistency.
Edit: practice makes perfect.


Sorry I got busy and then I forgot and then I remembered. Here ya go. I’ll start you off with this.

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Interesting. King Paimon? Since Ive become interested in him, I clearly have heard someone call out my name a few times, but no one is there. I sat bolt upright thinking wtf??


the same happen to me this morning something call my name i think its Lucifer and my hole body is paining from the feet to the head chest even the tongue i don no whats going on