Which entity rules over which chakra?

It is said that each chakra has a demon or god associated with it but what I know is that Thoth rules over the third eye chakra but what about the rest ot them ? are there any sources where I can find information about this?

The concept of chakra system is Hindu in origin so Thoth would not be associated with any chakra, as he is not a Hindu deity.

The God of the Muladhara is Ganesha
The God of the Swadhisthana is Vishnu
The God of the Manipura is Shiva
The God of the Anahata is Ishvara
The God of the Vishuddha is Sadashiva
The God of the Anja is Ardhanarishvara
The God of the Sahasrara is Shiva

That is the information according to what I have read of Hinduism. People like to shoe horn the gods from other pantheons into the chakras for some reason, even though they don’t actually have anything to do with them.

Any god or demon or spirit can effect the human energy system, and therefore the chakras. Other than the Hindu deities listed though, there are no gods from other pantheons that are actually associated with the chakras. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from claiming otherwise.


Ok thanks @DarkestKnight

You’re welcome. You might be interested in an older thread about a member’s experience travelling the gates of the Necronomicon where he chanted demonic enns for each chakra. In the thread he explains that the enns will differ for each individual though, so even though he chanted Lucifer’s enn for the Ajna, another might be needed for someone else.

You could experiment with them.