Which entity is the best for finding companionship and a good job?

I have been wondering what higher being can help me with finding a spiritual companion because I don’t feel the urge to bond with someone or anything but I kinda like the idea of a spiritual friend, what’s the best option for this request? I really want to find a better job but I don’t really know what I want to work with?
Do some of you know which entity is good for such requests?


Maybe you can ask Lord Clauneck when it comes to job, because a year ago I asked him too, I only asked for 1 good job and he gave me 2. I am still working now on 2 jobs I got from Lord Clauneck and I am happy with the people im working with.


I’ve asked King Paimon, and he always comes through.

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You can do a letter of intent to lilith for a Succubus. There are also many entities that give good familiars. There are also spirits from the kingdom of flames that are very friendly and would accompany you in your Journeys