Which entity can help me with getting a gf?

Okay so I’ll be leaving for college in a month and I’m hoping that an entity can help in getting a gf, just to be clear I’m not desperate and getting a gf is not on top of my priority list but I’ve been single for a while so I was looking for an entity that can slowly and gradually help me in getting into a relationship when I’m in college.
Any reply is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


Definitively Asmodeus and/or Baal

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Strictly speaking, you – the real YOU – is the only entity that can do anything for you. Everything else only seems to be. When working with any entity (I’m talking about the normal occult entities now) always remember that your consciousness is the critical factor.


So the idea would be to work with entities to become your real you instead of just getting a gf ?

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Self-knowledge is the only true knowledge. I don’t think anything else really helps in the long run.

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I worked with Zepar and did pof. 1 Year later and now Im engaged. Zepar Is great


Asmodeus will help you with any love spell.
That being said, take care. Spells tend to stay active even if you forget them and can create mutual obsessions on both side.

I also advice to check on Ladilok.


Do you have someone in specific that you’re trying to attract, or are you trying to attract more girls in general?

Whatever spirit(s) you work with for this, just realize that college is probably the easiest time ever, like ever to get a girlfriend. It’s a bunch of stressed-out young people who are all mega horny. Gee, I wonder what will happen.

On a mundane level, you want to cast a reasonably wide net when it comes to your social circles. If you don’t, you’ll end up like some people I’ve seen who have like 2 friends and that’s really it. I understand wanting fewer really close relationships, but again this is perhaps the easiest time ever to expand your social networks. You never know when that will come in handy, and it’s also just fun, and that’s coming from an introvert who is comfortable with extended periods of solitude.

Just so you know, it took me like 6 months to get into a romantic/sexual relationship with my college gf. It could probably have happened more quickly, and I was lucky she didn’t get scooped up, but if the other person is as interested in you as you are in them it shouldn’t be an issue. Better to be relaxed and chill about it, imo. Realize that you aren’t the only horny one or the only one who wants warmth and affection.


I like your approach, you said "slowly and gradually "
Here this is magick, and we get power to change reality and bend time. But the genuine thing come from you first.
I suggest first that you go slowly yourself with your heart then trying the surrounding girl, you will see what you like and don’t like. Maybe you are not fully aware of your personality and your possible perfect matches.
You said slowly, and I like this, after a certain time (heart break, love confusion and some success) you will tune your desire and find the one you need.

Then at the end (after some years 5 of tasting and testing or more :hugs:), you may be interested on The Powers of Yeliel in The 72 Angels of Magick: Instant Access to the Angels of Power

you can get the power To Attract Love at first
or the other power To Ensure Fidelity, for more security (cause better doing for both of you, you do not want to bind and cheat at the same time :roll_eyes:)


Archangel Haniel (Aniel) its a classic as is the Nitzach / Venus sphere Archangel

Jazar genius from Nuctemeron (theres spells for him in the classic Geof Grey-Cobb’s “The Miracle of the New Avatar Power” book)

otherwise the ones recommended above are great options too :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the advice, appreciate you!

Glad it worked out for you, thanks for the recommendation!

Have heard a lot about Asmodeus, definitely gonna ask him for help, thanks for the help!!

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Not necessarily attract I’m trying to find someone I can vibe with (Not just gonna ask the entity for it, I’ll put in my effort for it too), haven’t been in a proper relationship ever, so this thing is totally new to me.

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I’m really excited and nervous at the same time because this is going to be my first time going to college but the problem is that I haven’t had a very good social circle in the past few years so this thing kinda makes me awkward around people and even more awkward if I’m trying to pursue someone, but the fact that I’ll be meeting new people also gives me a lot of hope. Thanks for the advice tho, really gave me some useful insight!

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I just want to experience the whole thing happening because I haven’t had that experience before and I’m ready to put myself out there but just wanted an entity watching over me so if I’m ever in a tough spot, they can give me a little push so things go smoothly. And thanks for the book recommendations will definitely look into them!

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Thank you!!

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