Which entities can assist in passing a test?

Ok, I didn’t really know in which section to put this, so I’m just posting it here.

I need some ideas for a spell or the names of entities that can help with the following:

My husband is currently enrolled in a 1-year course that will get us more money (which we need). It’s a pretty tough course and of the 30 applicants only 7 are left now after 7 months. He failed a test this week and needs to do it over on Monday. If he fails the second time, the game is over and he gets kicked out. Now, it’s not that he doesn’t know the material but it is truly a humongous amount of info they have to cram into their heads and the instructors are really tough. During the test this week he got unlucky and drew a set of difficult questions, which he should have been able to answer though as he knows the material, but with all the pressure he started freaking out and confused a lot of the info. He’s been pretty depressed and desperate since then which doesn’t make it any easier for me.

So, now I’m a bit stuck on how I can help him to pass on Monday.

Which entities would be best to call upon for helping him pass the next test? I’m not up to par for evocation yet, but sigil magick could do. Paimon?

Any other creative spells? I have an affinity with paper spells; so I was thinking about taking a paper, put his name on it together with the right date, naming it a test and putting a good test score on it. Perhaps write it in blood for infusing it with power…

This is pretty short notice, so any help would be really appreciated.

Your idea about the test with his name on it is good. If you can get ahold of it on short notice you could also dress a candle in clarity oil to help him focus and have the material be clear to him to avoid confusion.

The first entity that came to mind was Paralda the elemental king of air. I believe his sigil can be found in evoking eternity. I’ve had good luck with writing a petition around an opened sigil. You could write something like “____ will pass his test” all the way around the sigil in an unbroken chain of letters (cursive is best for this.)


Thanks! I looked up Clarity oil as I live in Europe and I’m not sure if it’s available here. I do have quite a collection of essences and could make it myself as I see I have over half of the ingredients listed. I’m already feeding him blue-green algae (Aphanizomenon Flos Aqua) which is nothing short of amazing for improving brain function and passion flower tincture to get him to calm down.

Paralda does seem to fit for helping my husband. However I’m not quite sure yet how to approach this. I was also thinking about perhaps influencing the set of question he draws, although that might be more tricky.

You say he knows the material but he’s basically getting test anxiety. I’d focus on calming him down and allowing him to think clearly and logically. Trying to influence the questions would be like trying to hit the lottery. Keep him cool calm and collected.

He knows the material, but it’s a LOT of information and easy to confuse. The applicants that did succeed, barely did, because the instructors are asking a lot of details on this particular test. Paralda might help with the photographic memory I hope. I’ve studied plenty in my life, I have a fairly good photographic memory and believe me, I don’t know if I could pass these tests. It’s just a humongous amount of info.

That’s kind of why I’m trying to find if there is another way to approach this. I guess trying to influence the picking of the test is indeed too difficult. I can’t influence the instructors either because I don’t know who grades the tests, so… a bit at a loss here, but thanks for your input.

What is the subject of the test if you don’t mind me asking? Perhaps there is an entity who specializes in the field of study the test will be over. Working with its sigil could help him retain the information.

It’s technical, I’ve send you a PM regarding the exact nature of the subject.

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Perhaps you should try Barbas as he teaches mechanical arts.

Kyra, Azesiel is spot on with this. That would be the go to demon for what your husband needs. I was looking for a more benevolent entity given the sensitivity of the job but if your comfortable with demonic energies that would be my first choice.

I’m sticking with Paralda for now as the stumbling block for my husband for this test isn’t understanding the material, but being able to retain all the details. Perhaps Barbas may come inhandy for future tests. Thanks for the input guys!

I’ve used Marbas/Barbas for mechanical related work with amazing results.

All hail Paralda! Husband passed the test with flying colours. Off to burn the sigil now and the sympathetic test I designed.

Publicly thanking Paralda and Deggal, which both helped me in passing an important exam. i asked Paralda for help with learning and data retention, and Deggal for bright and shiny aura which made commission to like me and actually wanting me to pass the exam.

!!! :slight_smile: !!!