Which ebook to obtain first?

As I’ve just gotten my own place, I’ve decided to keep going down this rabbit hole further and further…being I also live right next to a graveyard, the energy one can feel coming from that place is so immense (I’ve had friends who know nothing about the occult world, who say they feel nauseated, depressed, tired/drained of energy as if they ran for miles after a hangover).
Now I’m low on money, I was wondering which ebook it would be wise to obtain first?

How new or experienced are you, and what do you think you want your magic to centre around, at least at first?

I’ve not had much practice beyond divination…so definitely new. And I’m really not sure what I want to centre my practice around first, as I would like to try my hands at everything. I was thinking of getting Works of Darkness

Just a side note too, I only have Internet access through my phone, Samsung s6, and I do not own a computer…but I’m guessing I can still use the ebooks?

Yeah man, go with Works of Darkness. It’s got a lot of different stuff in there, including some necromancy :wink:

Works of Darkness, best one to start with for sure if black magick and demonic evocation is your intended main area of focus!

WoD gets my vote too, and I’m not sure about the phone thing but I’d guess so - if you want the definitive final word, check with https://becomealivinggod.zendesk.com/ - don’t worry if you don’t get an immediate reply, but Kristin should get back to you within 48 hours, and in the meantime maybe some people who mainly use their phones could also comment.

So I broke down and got the WoD, and yes I can easily view it on my phone. I’m going to start the darkness working tonight on the full moon

Full moon, good time to start! I’ve been doing evocation and magick the last 2 nights and the results are amplified like 5 times over. Try scrying into a black mirror on a full moon.