Which demon to summon and when?

Hello everyone I need help with an exam . I have to appear for a exam named UCEED 2021 I am pretty confident that i can get a good rank without any help but i don’t wanna take any risk because if i didn’t get good rank my whole career will be ruined and luck is mostly against me all time.
This exam is an MCQs test and no need of learning is required it contain question of general knowledge and mental ability so i need a demon which can help me with better judgement of mcqs and maybe help me with luck. I read many threads but i mostly need answer to one question and that is when to summon demon . I will most probably use Gordon winterfield’s method but many people say that you have to wait for result. I have my paper in january so when do summon demon one week before exam or much before?

You should use the search function for questions like this. It gets asked frequently.

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i did i got some answer but when should i summon is not answered.

I would ask them maybe a week or so before, just be specific with them when your test is and when you will most likely get the results.


King Paimon would be a great help in order to help you study and as @victory mentioned its better to ask a week or so before you go and write the exam.