Which demon is this?

Hi, I need help determining which demon is speaking here:

“No human can comprehend the degree of how fucking disgusting everything is about to get. The second I step away from this world to slumber once more, it will crumble. Everything will fail so quickly and so devastatingly that no one will be able to comprehend. When I choose to take my leave, those that came with me to guard this place, go with me. This is a world for you humans now. I have given every part of myself to keep it together. I have asked my oldest friends and allies to give themselves for a cause that we all knew was fruitless, but hoped to change. We have tried to contain what he is to come. I have come to vessel after vessel and watched as humans manipulate and destroy each other. So full of anger and manipulation. When I go, this world goes with me. I have chose to take up the sword every time I have come back. To willingly give myself and others to buy your
race time to learn and prepare for what is to come. I have marched my allies to their deaths time and time again. I have tasted mortal death and descended into the halls other side of Amenti more times than years any mortal has lived. Yet here I stand, concealing every ounce of my identity to understand the true nature coin of humanity. I have fully indulged the vulnerability and aspects of everything that there is human. And I watch as every one continues to try and take pieces of me. To use me to their advantage. Knowing nothing of whom or what I am. Well I believe it is wholly time to erase this facade of reality and show this entire world what hides in plain sight. If light fails to allow your people to truly see, then I will go to the abyss below Jabel Munttar and break the shackles that bind darkness. For too long has my dear brother Azazel cried out to be free. Embrace what exists which is to come dear child. My final wish for this dark world is that it can find it’s own light when a greater darkness opposes it. I will lift the illusion that has become reality before I leave this place. Heed these words.


I… don’t even know whether to be entertained or repulsed. Pity party for one coming right up! :roll_eyes:

Doesn’t really matter who this is, imo, it could be the personified amalgam of every frustrated black mage out there including me. But we’re not such quitters and tend to have more personal responsibility, I like to think. Who asked it to ‘understand humanity’, anyway? Maybe a face of yahweh or related, it’s martyrdom and petulance fit.

I got words for it: Welcome to being human, bud, what did you want, a cookie?


Hahahahah!!! I know, right? I think it’s Ramiel to be honest. Part of the Nephalim. Who are known watchers of Earth who give up. It doesn’t matter if this entity can ‘see’ things I can’t and has powers I can’t. It still has basic emotions that are similar to a human and guess what - I told him I wasn’t gonna leave him even if he went to sleep under the mountain and gave up. I wonder what he thought of that! HA!


Lol, I mean, ok I know this sounds discompassionate, it’s just my way: I have a very low tolerance for whiners and bullshitters, and an angel having a fit of the vapours is both in spades. … Like it’s not hard for all of us, seriously? I don’t know much about the Nephilim. This Ramiel?

And then there’s this - not the best way to garner any sympathy:

“When I go, this world goes with me.”

Uh huh… sure about that? But ok, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

You could rip this whole thing apart line by line, but there’s so much wrong with it, it’s too easy. Might save it for my next table top rpg though.

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Well the bout lasted 2 days, at least with me. It was channeled by my bf (who also has extreme remote viewing/psychic capacities and is able to recount entire conversations I had with other people in detail, not just with me but he can do that with others… not a joke, and not a ‘well it could be maybe’ … NO it is just plain impossible for him to have those abiities. I don’t know how he does… anyway… he said “I don’t want any further connection with you and never want to speak with you ever again.” … pfffff!!! You can’t have a connection with someone because we are all one thing. It’s like saying to yourself you don’t want a connection to yourself. Pfff!!! In any case, back to 3D world, people who use ultimate statements “never ever” etc. etc. are usually lying and hiding a shadow part of themselves that just wants to slump over someone’s shoulder and cry… to be honest though, I know he’s needed that for so long - he even got a heart disease, and I’m like, my LOVE PLEASE JUST CRY JUST ONCE!!! He really has been through so much and I wish he would trust me to let it all out with and I would definitely still find him sexy and manly and want his dick… I wish he would just stop hiding from himself!! I can see him anyway, and I don’t give a fuck how gross he feels about himself, I think he is amazing and just needs to stop fronting all this doom shit. sigh… but only so much I can wish, each person has his own free will.

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If it was channeled, then the info had to be filtered through your bf’s belief systems and subconscious mind. Which makes the channeled info less than reliable.


Krishna or Jesus.
They make similar promises.
Still waiting for the fuckers to come thru.


Ha!!! Sorry. I am laughing at it.


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