Which demon is best for this situation?

There is a person in my life who admitted that he has been to a tarot reader for specific information about me. I know he has done this at least twice over the 12 months, and I suspect more (he knows it annoys me and said that he “probably shouldn’t discuss it” with me). I also know the tarot reader, although she probably doesn’t realize the reading is about me. She is gifted at this skill and comes up with quite accurate readings a lot of the time.

While it is flattering that this person cares enough to want to know these details, I really don’t want someone prying into my private thoughts, motives, and feelings this way. Therefore I want to use magick to assist me in case he seeks info about me again (I suspect he may do because of some events that have happened recently, in fact). I am thinking of asking a Goetian demon for help. My wish is that any psychic/tarot reader my friend consults will be unable to discover specific information about me or my feelings. For that purpose I would like to contact a demon who will be able to influence or conceal information in some way.

I am wondering whether King Paimon might be the best one for the job, since he appears to be helpful when it comes to influencing. Decarabia and/or Bael (who has helped me before) are also possibles since they may be able to help me conceal things about myself.

I would really appreciate any feedback from any of you about whether one, or a combination of the above will be a good choice for me in this situation. Or perhaps there are others that I have overlooked who are better for the job? I’m not very experienced; this would be just my third time at asking a demon for help. I will use the petition outlined in the book by Gordon Winterfield.

Thank you.

I think Dantalion can be good because he’s powerful when it comes to mind-controlling and influencing other people’s thoughts.

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That’s interesting. I’ve been reading about him a lot over the past couple of weeks, and that makes sense. In fact I’ve felt drawn to contacting him lately, for some reason. Thank you.


Honestly, the name escapes me. Search for a demon or angel that keeps things hidden. It’s bugging the crap out of me that I can’t remember it. But, petition it to keep your information hidden from both the reader and this low-key stalker.

It sounds like you have Demons of Magick so surprised you didn’t grok on to Bael, the first demon listed, immediately, given his powers.

I would turn to Bael.

  • To remain unseen when you would otherwise be noticed

  • To make someone lose interest in you and your affairs

  • To bring confusion and torment to anybody who enquires about a subject you wish to remain hidden

  • To make a thing or situation appear as something other than it is

  • To compel others to keep secrets for you