Which demon helps with learning tarot?

I just got my tarot deck and runes, I was wondering which demon is the best to teach me the science of tarot and runes? Thank you for your opinion!

I think it’s Alloces.

You won’t necessarily get a “demon” for Runes, because they’re part of a different system, you may do better asking the Norse Gods for their aid, although demons can certainly read and understand them.

Balam is quite helpful with Tarot, I found, but it’s not really my area of expertise. :slight_smile:

Anyone knows between Nordic Gods which one is willing to teach runes?

Try asking the guy who hung from the World Tree for 9 days and nights, pierced with His own spear, in order to bring them to us?

And/or, His wife. :slight_smile:

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She’s talking about Odin he is the god that actually gave runes to humanity in the first place.


Someone who does not know that…


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He will more than likely require you to make a sacrifice for such knowledge… After all he sacrificed much to attain it himself.

Echoed when it comes to Óðinn and the runes, especially regarding sacrifice.

For not just tarot, but greater facility with divination in general? Definitely Balam.

I work with Vassago when I do tarot sometimes… :slight_smile:

I was wondering the very same thing a few years ago even though I’ve used the deck since I was seventeen. Over the next few days I was led to Satagraal, who is one of EA’s spirits out of Kingdom’s of flame. I initially evoked him to see if he could teach me his way of Tarot and he agreed on one acception, I was to acquire the ‘Legacy of the Divine’ deck?

So after purchasing what happens to be a stunning deck of cards, I proceeded with a ten day evokation. Satagraal appeared to me as a fit athletic man on a solid throne. He had dark hair tied up, which could be because it is very long. His eyes were a piercing blue and there was a Dachshund at his feet. Satagraal’s sigil glowed a blue to purple colour before it opened, or as I reopened it for ten days of sheer wisdom into the cards.

The procedure was to evoke him everyday, sometimes twice a day and he would take me through each card after I became emerged within its pictorial content. I therefore absorbed the cards energy and asked Satagraal to tell me his thoughts on it before moving on to the next.

This became a beautiful experience that I would encourage anyone to use as it allows the magician to understand the deck in ways that are unique, but also traditional to an extent. I was so impressed with him I use to call him the Demon Prophet as his knowledge on divination was usable and practical, not to mention geared towards an individual concern thereby tailoring it to your own art form.

Without going into each cards definition, he also past on great knowledge about each elemental structure within the minor arcana and some fascinating ideas about the court cards.

Air: The Suit of Swords

The mental plane is where all creation and initial ideas happen. This first level of awareness is the home of the Sylphs. These are the creatures of our mental thoughts and logical thinking processes. Sound also develops here in the element of air (first there was the word!). The Sylphs bring some law and order from the mental plane to our thoughts. These creatures are the ethereal structure to our ideas in the conscious mind. They form our logical thinking and beliefs; our intellect develops here along with its critical views and the conflicts they can create. There’s nearly always friction and turmoil in the early stages of manifestation, as you will see with the many problems occurring within the suit of swords.

Fire: The Suit of Wands

Fire expressed as raw energy is the creative will of the magician. Here those ideas from the sylphs mingle with lightening sprites of momentum and desire. This state of awareness is the causal plane occupied by fire elementals called Salamanders, they are the pure force of your desire. This realm injects intense fast moving energy into thought matter. The suit of wands therefore donates willpower, motivation, desire, lust, courage and the ambition that comes about through this to achieve your goals.

Water: The Suit of Cups

The astral plane comes next in order of manifestation and belongs to the element of water. Here you will meet the energies known as Undines who allow shape and impression to form. It is the realm of intuition, emotions, relationships and the imagination. The Undines are those mysterious beings of water, which add shape and form to our thoughts. They generate emotions, and can form impressions on your mind through symbolism; they are your intuitions and the workings of the imagination, which have their movements here in this watery substance of the astral.

Earth: The suit of Coins

The physical plane is the final stage of creation and is inhabited by the Gnomes. These creatures allow you to sense and feel the physical world. They represent materialism such as money, possessions and the physical body. The gnomes are the sensations and awareness of our physical body and environment. They represent all that we can touch and see on the earth’s surface. Gnomes are the solid matter of our materialistic world; they guard and protect the secrets to money and solid assets.

The court cards depict emotions and human attributes, which can allow them to take on a personality or represent an individual through their characteristics. They are however primarily concerned with the emotional content of their element at various stages. Pages will therefore have a light ‘airy’ childish feel to them; they are the first stages of the element in its development. Knights are the adolescents of the court cards having ‘Fiery’ raw energy about them whereas; Queens represent the mature ‘watery’ feminine qualities of their element and kings have an ‘earthly’ masculine feel to them. The order of manifestation once again comes into play here with all the court cards as no matter what suit you are in, all pages are airy, all knights are fiery and the queens and kings all have a watery or earthly feel to them. The knight of swords for example has fiery qualities coming through his airy nature.

Satagraal was indeed a tremendous source of wisdom for divination my friend ~ check him out


Hey Adam,

As a tarot collector one of my recent acquisitions features the Magician as the “plague doctor” similar to your avatar. It’s actually one of the highest quality decks I own. Look after the text “A Wicked Pack of Cards”. It’s so quick it’s almost subliminal…

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@Sabina For tarot you try Hekate, Lamia & Apollo, 3 deities of prophecy when used together in form of a triad and can aid in accurate readings.

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Wow! That’s epic!

For any kind of Tarot operations, call Great Angel Hru - from the Golden Dawn tradition. Works for me qiute well.
Seth, or Satan without hesitation.
Thoth or Djehuti if you are more familiar with Egyptian tadition.
Hermes, from Greek tradition.