Which demon for male pattern baldness?

Hi, i am 21 years old and balding aggressively

I tried he meds (minoxidil and finasteride) but they don’t work.

Can Buer help me for this?

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I’d say he can , but likely what he would do is bring you solutions and remedies for it, not magically make you grow hair as some might think , in some cases I’d say he would potentially give you money so you can see a doctor for treatment , and he’d probably influence factors in your life so you could come across the best doctor available to the purpose you want , on another note you may also try The Archangel Raphael

Hmm, balding is first and foremost a skin problem, so search for an entity that can help with that.

I guess you’re a man. Boldness is sexy. Don’t let it become something to make you feel bad. Of course this is a sign of some health problem or stress so obviously you should go to doctor and undertake a perscribed treatement but meanwhile you may just shave your entire head and enjoy your new look because it is sexy, masculine and hygienic. :hugs:


Start trying some energy working with the Lords of masculine beauty but androgyn. One of the best is Lucifuge Rofocale and the male version of Astaroth

male pattern baldness is an inherited trait from your maternal side, have you tried those things like rogain?

Try DNA reconstructive surgery with Lord Uphir and Azazel.

Say more, please.

Male pattern baldness is a testosterone-dependent inherited trait. I know from friends that it reverses completely during male-to-female transgender hormone replacement therapy (HRT), so perhaps a demon in tune with feminine energies would be helpful? Lilith comes to mind.

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