Which demon did I encounter in my dream?

Hello everybody!

So a few days ago, I did some research in the forum because I had a problem to solve and I wanted to control someone to help me, and after reading a lot of posts, I decided that Marquis Orias was the best in my situation. So on YouTube I found a woman chanting his enn so I memorised Marquis Orias sigil and started the video. At the beginning, I mentally chanted the enn then I sort of chanted it in a murmur, for me it felt more intimate and powerful to murmur it, while visualising his sigil in my mind.

Then the following days, I just mentally chanted his enn three or four time multiple times during these days. I’m gonna add that my sister (we live together) has been doing the same but for Emperor Lucifer

But it’s really during the night that I think one of them answered : I went to bed at about 3 am (longer days and jet lag are horrible) but I was on my phone and my computer so I really put down my phone at 5:05, something like that. Now I’m telling you about that because it takes at least an hour or so to fall asleep, especially when I’m not tired. And everything happened in less than half an hour.

When I was comfortable, I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep, my mind was empty, I was just listening to the sounds outside my building when all of a sudden I felt like a weight on my chest, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk or scream and I was heavily breathing, my sister who was sleeping in my bed after we watched a movie together was asleep next to me, I tried to tell her to turn on the light, but I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t even touch her to get her attention.

Then I felt something complicated to describe, like a sort of very strong energy coursing through me, I mostly felt it in my arms. I remember thinking that it was a demon based on what I read on the forum and I was panicking. I thought that once it was over, I’ll need to do a banishing spell, use some sage or whatever. Then I told myself I called Orias and he answered and that’s what I wanted, and I tried to calm myself. But that’s when I felt him, the demon that was coming he was above me watching me, my eyes were closed but I knew it was him. So I tried to make him leave by saying the "Notre Père’’ which is in english ‘‘Our Father Above’’ if I’m not wrong, now I’m not religious but it seems like the thing to do.

All of a sudden he was gone and I could move so I sent my sister to turn on the light but it was dream (like a dream in a dream, hello Inception), and he was once again above me and I tried to make him leave again but he kissed me and I wasn’t terrified anymore, quite the contrary, his weight on me felt amazing, and I wanted more, so we kissed again and then he kissed my neck, body etc and I felt confident : I’m a virgin but I wanted to have sex with him but he only kissed my stomach and held my hips. Then we were on a car, and I don’t remember much of that part but I have the feeling I was on the passager seat and he was driving, the road looked like those aesthetic pictures you can found on Tumblr and there was one of those road signs but with just a word ‘‘Détente’’ which is the french word for ‘‘Relaxation’’.

Then I was just woke up, peacefully and barely half on hour had passed.

I’m not sure if it was Marquis Orias or Emperor Lucifer because both of them were called in mine and my sister’s apartment but when we were kissing in my dream, I felt like it was Emperor Lucifer rather than Marquis Orias, plus the fact that he looked like my type of men, with chestnut medium length and fluffy hair and a body type like Chris Hemsworth plus he was gentle and caring.

Do you think one of them was answering our (my sister and I) calls?
Do you think I should try to contact them again? If yes, how?
And do you think the fact that I’m a virgin has to be taken into consideration?

Thank you in advance for your help and don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications