Which demon can protect you from curses, remote attacks and from enemies

I’ve searched using the magnifying glass and.i didn’t find any.

Archangel Michael protects me but he sometimes let me to get attacked without his protection. I need a spirit or demon that can protect me at all times

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A spirit that would really care about you for some reason… some people have that and others don’t

Flauros is my go to for both offensive and defensive capabilities.

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No demon can protect you from every curse, attack, etc. They can protect you from some but you’re better off learning to make your own shields and defenses instead of relying on demons and such to do the work for you.

No entity can protect you at all times from everything because that would mean they are all knowing, all powerful, and what not.


A succubus from my experience protects me from all manner of fake friends and those that seek to hurt me she’s proven herself in that regard.

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Orobas could be a good one .

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