Which Demon and Sigil should I use?

Hello, I am starting my journey on-wards to a healthier lifestyle which includes working out and the like. I wanted to know if there was a demon or entity that I could use their sigil as a talisman when working out to get an extra boost or just ask them to aid me in the upcoming weeks and help me gain strength through body, mind & will. Who would you (in your opinion) recommend?

I would recommend weights, cardio, visualization of you goal. If you want to kick it up a notch after you get a good base level then start wearing wrist and leg weihhts and a weighted vest for parts of the day (specially during cardio and speed training). No need for an entity when you already control every contributing factor to the outcome.

Sartmulu, a spirit of Mars found in ‘Summoning Spirits’ by Konstantinos.

you rock for asking that! i am working on the very same thing. I think some folk who know, should get together, and create a “Demonolater’s Book of Workouts and fitness”. Complete with sigils, rituals pre workout and post[something tells me that Evokation/Invokation, environment to workout in, could really be "a blast for all involved.

Kinda have a mind to do it; just not Attained enough. kinda wonder about Abbadon as a w/o partner.

why would you need a demon training partner? Unless you plan to spar with them (that does work nicely) they’re no better or worse than a human workout-buddy. As for pre/post-workout rituals, what’s the point? The mind controls the body, meditate before you work out to focus yourself on your goals, meditate after you work out to aid in cementing the muscle memory and speed up the recovery process. Training your physical body is all about you, your body, your mind, and the physical processes you use to achieve your goals (which you should never do, if you get close to “perfect” you should move the goalposts asap).