Which deamon i should choose for

I want to help someone that i know well find a job im wondering which djinn or deamon u recommend on that

Bune! Paimon and Belial!

The demon of introducing yourself to the forum. That way we will know what you are comfortable with, evocation? Sigil magic? Astrally projecting to the demon in question.

Our answers will vary depending on how comfortable you are with magic in general as well, are you new to it? seasoned with decades under your belt? in between?

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Well for my experience in magick i started one year ago and the first time i invoked sitri and later beleth …maybe started with that was pretty much risky .But I studied a lot before doing so maybe i should have started with more soft magick or what ever but i didnt and so far its worked for me

Am I the only new person here for a while that actually read the rules and stuff before posting? Lol

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Lol apparently yes

If nobody reads the rules I’ll adapt the rules a little. See “Rules”

You don’t talk about fight club?:slight_smile: