Which daggers to use for specific curses and spells

So some spells and curses require a dagger to be used. Some daggers have a handle that is somewhat of a specific design. Some that may have a dragon head on the end of the handle for instance. Or any other symbol. Does that sort of thing matter when doing curses or spells? Or can you use even just any cutting knife that you could find in your kitchen?


You can use any sort of knife. The only important thing is that it have an edge on it so it can cut if necessary.

You don’t want anything too ornate though, as those types of blades tend to be less practical and detract from the seriousness of what you’re doing.

In his book Baneful Magick, EA recommends a simple double edged blade with a wooden handle painted black.


And consecrate it with the 5 elements so it can pierce the veil. Later on you can even impregnate it with the energy of your patron Demon or Dark God