Which course to choose?


I want to purchase a 2nd course from BALG (before the end of April), and I’m indecisive between Orlee’s “The Ars Goetia” or E.A. Koetting’s “Mastering Evocation”. I believe both are courses on making contact with and summoning demons / spirits. I would like to know more about the main differences among these two. Hope to get some opinions to help me decide please.

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The second.
I haven’t taken it, but I know people here who have and say it was the best they took.

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EA’s Mastering Evocation course teaches you the basic requirements for the evocation of any type of spirit, unlike Orlee’s, which is limited to only the spirits of the Goetia.

In Mastering evocation, EA covers everything from entering TGS, to developing the senses all the way up to the evocation of godforms. It is the better choice by far.

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thanks, appreciate it :slight_smile:

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