Which books and grmoires first

I am wanting to begin reading and learning and practicing.
Which of EA’s books would be recommended to be first read. and if possible if someone was to suggest a curriculum; kinda like a college syllabus, what would you suggest using EA’s books and any other books topics or author. lets pretend I am wanting to first achieve an AS degree, then BS, them MS, and then PHD. Consider yourself the university of XXX.
I look foreward to seeing how well this turns out.

Somehow, I believe the university of triple x might teach different skills than magick. :wink:

But, in all seriousness I think this is a great question as I am a newbie too and am interested to hear what the more expereinced folk have to say about this.

Works of Darkness would be wise to read and practice from. It’s got a bit of everything to lead you further into different workings.

I think you would be better off starting with his video materials. You can learn alot form books but your will also have lots on unanswered questions. I remember when I was learning I would always get mentally stuck in minute details and it would spoil my confidence in the operation. Pictures are worth a thousand words my friend.

I am reading through WOD, EE, and Questing After Visions together in order to complement each other. I think that is a great place to start, with all three.

I would recommend te books from EA mentioned above as well, but would also add ‘Book of Magic Power’ from Jason Newcomb, it’s full of meditations for everything and some ritual.