Which book should I read next


When I began this path, I had to read several books. My quest for knowledge about this continues to grow. Which book would any of u suggest for me? Thanks in advance.

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Rites of Lucifer by Asenath Mason, if you’re interested in Luciferian current.


Is it available online for download?

If you are looking for a pirated copy, no, as that is against forum rules. it is available in paperback through Amazon though.

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Hahaha…no I’m not. There’s this app where u pay to read books.

It’s an android app.

Cool, man. i don’t know what the app is, but I checked to see if Rites of Lucifer was available for Kindle (which is also an app) but it is not. You probably will have to check wherever you buy the books for the app.

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Nope. At least nothing in English anyway.

I also didn’t find it on that app. :woman_facepalming: ok will check amazon.

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