Which Beat to Use?

Music and sound are things I take very seriously, and one thing I love is using music in my workings. Though one thing I’m having a bit of trouble with is figuring out just which bi-neural beat to use to keep me in the Theta-Gamma sync. I know I can get myself down to Theta fairly well so there are two ways I can go with this:

  1. I could use a beat to keep my mind down in Theta and have my mind trigger Gamma through that, though I think that the beat will drag me down to Theta and keep me there resulting in no progress.

  2. I could take myself down to Theta and have a beat triggering Gamma, though I don’t know how that one would result…

I would also love any other ideas that you guys might have. I found one post that, paraphrased, would be “don’t think about it, just do the ritual and it will come naturally.” And I do agree with that, but I’m just in bit of a rough with all this. I feel this is my last bit I need to straighten out before I can really get going.

Ive been very curious about this myself, and have found that alot of the trance inducing type of beats are often polyrhythmic. Everyone can nod their head along to a regular 4/4 beat, but when we hear african pygmies playing things like 9/16 and 12/8, layering various time signature over each other, our brains eventually stop trying to find the downbeat, or “nodding along”, and just give in and let us lose ourselves in the sounds.

Master Voudou Drummers of Haiti

So if you can find examples of these types of rhythms, it shouldnt be too hard, you can find the right mood and vibe for you. Get a drum machine program and start experimenting, just layering simple beats over each other.
Add a repetitive bassline and youre golden! When you get past just the focusing on a beat, then you can really start falling down the rabbit hole and get into how the various tones affect the chakras and start having custom made ritual music, for all sorts of purposes! Feel like confronting your subconscious fears sometime?

Lustmord - The Eliminating Angel

Or maybe just going on a pleasant trip to Andromeda?
Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation: Session 7

Ive been using a lot of stuff like this lately
Force of Nature - Mist

Its not necessarily about being musically impressive, but finding that perfect mixture of sounds that coax the brain into submission. Keep in mind that your intention matters just as much, if not more. The music is just a tool to aid in the process.

I don’t know enough about music theory to get into details, but I am always impressed with the profound way that psytrance will modify my headspace, most profoundly whilst tripping but even just generally. I find music too distracting for myself during most ritual settings but I definitly think there is an application here

The application could only be with simpler audio solutions, like the ones invented for example by hemysinc…
either binaural beats or isochronic beats
hope im not writing anything wrong i if am please correct me…
because what i find is that any other audio solution will distract the mind to the point it wont be able to focus on whats on hands.
Psy trance though can enhance the ability to understand those beats…and what music can make to the brain. On that i believe…
If one understands psy trance then it certainly understands what audio can do to the mind.

JS Epperson binaural beats are very nice. Gammadrone and Insight are solid choices, in my opinion:


In my experience any low-frequency beat will do as long as the rhythm is 3-5 beats per second.