Which angels are handy to create chance meetings / reunions?

Starting in 2016, everytime I was on my way to work, there was this supremely beautiful and graceful girl who was always on the same train as I, almost every day. There were at least 3-4 occasions in which she even sat in front of me. This went on for about 1 year, after which she appeared less and less.

In 2017, she appeared here and there, and in 2018, I never saw her at all.

(Not once did I ever talk to her or even make eye contact though.)

Starting 2 weeks ago, she started appearing again…I’ve seen her 3-4 times near my workplace at random times and spots!

I wish I could see her more often though ;).

Which angels are best to help me see her more and hopefully get to know her? Can the angels help at all even though I don’t personally know her? Surely they can easily detect her energy signature?

Archangel Chamuel


@Aprentiz I know he specializes in finding lost items…but he’s actually good to create chance romance meetings too?

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Yes Chamuel helps create new friendships and relationships and one of those specialties is love.

Or you can just get confidence from your inner GOD and reach her directly. BAM! easy peasy.

Uhh! Man, the most powerful angel you can upon is Archangel Self-confidence!

Imagine what would be the worst thing if you approach her and say something like “Hey, how’s it going? It’s nice to see you here, you remember me?” - She will say no to you or completely ignore you, maybe tell her friends about you for giggles and then move on with life.

What if she replies - “Hi, my name is Barabara, nice to see you here, do you work here?” And then you reply “Yes, I work here”
She - “I was going to grab a coffee, would you like to join?”
You - “Sure”

After a few days, weeks or months you might become friends or more than friends or things might not work and she will use you as a backup or tissue paper… You never know until you try.

If you really like a girl then approach her, they are not aliens from Mars and most of them won’t shoot you on the spot with an AK-47.
You don’t wanna be a 98 years old man on his deathbed thinking about what if you approached that girl just one time? Never let regrets ruin your peace of mind.

Just take a deep breath and follow your heart. Girls like guys, sex and all that shit too, you know? But always remember that she might already have a boyfriend or multiple boyfriends which is damn common these days, if you wanna go down the route of ‘I love her and can’t live without her’.