Which ability from the spirits was the best for you?

That lasted throughout your life by far?? Or which ability do you find best from the entity? Reason being is I might not even know I need it and I can implement something in my life as well what’s missing … so I need to know what’s working in general !

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ability from the spirits? as in abilities an entity gave you?

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Yes that’s the one

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I have not gained any abilities from spirits, but definitely skills. One of them was from Anubis was how to step back emotionally in order to handle a situation as it needs to be done, whether it is helping someone pass on or removing an obstacle in my path. While the frustration or despair is understandable, it is not always helpful with magic.


I haven’t been given any abilities by them but Inari and a few other Deities helped me to relearn some stuff I had prior to reincarnation relating to manipulating the soul to a degree. I wouldn’t say it’s the best for me but it did open me up to some stuff related to some minor ideals I have.


Not abilities per say but the Spirit weapons they gave me saved my ass many times. Especially the one given to me by Freya

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The ability to face and endure life’s hardships and never lose my light in them.


A backbone. Finally a backbone.


Knowing when I’m about to repeat a mistake, as well as seeing through someone’s facade/mask without having to waste too much of my time.


Bastet gave me a pyramid with a sphere on top. I have been given a sword too. And an Arabic knife attached to my heart chakra


Good one!!!

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What do u mean?

What weapons??

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So no emotions involved??

Swords, spears, a couple of bows, armor etc.

One time, when I was a bit younger, I was pulled into a projection and I was seated on a couch next to someone that has been with me for my whole life. All over the floor in front of us were presents. Tonnes of them. Everywhere. It was my early days of conscious projections so I was super confused and I remember just holding onto his leg while darting my head around going ‘What.is.happening?!’ Unfortunately, the memory of the rest of the projection was lost so I still don’t know what the presents were. I should probably ask about that some day lol.

But in all seriousness, I agree with @Helena Life can throw some hard things our way and the easy way out is to always want them to hold our hands. But if we always do it that way we’ll never grow. Showing me that I can do things on my own was one of the toughest and best lessons I’ve gotten so far. Sometimes it felt like I was all alone and I would get upset and confused (angry, even), so another thing I also had to learn was to recognize and accept all of the little reminders each day that there is always a hand to hold when I really need it… so, basically, learning to trust.


Well said, I can relate to that 100%.

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Gotcha… I’m noting it down what all of you are saying and then I plan and implement it in my ritual/life

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More like not holding onto the emotions.


Done it, thank u