Whether to use demons or search for a spell for my situation

Hello guys. I’m trying to get my ex back.

I’m stuck between using the goetic demons ( demons of magick by Gordon and hidden demons of Lucifer from the order ) or finding a proper spell to use which I don’t want to since I probably won’t fight the materials I’m searching for nor do I like the hassle
Additionally what combination of demons should I use for this to world the best

She is also a magician for quite some time. Using the Tree of life, uses demons through sacrifice, thelemite. So that makes it a bit tricky I don’t have access to hair or relevant objects so that makes spells even more a problem.

I’m looking for an answer on what to do. I don’t want this to backfire end up getting her to bind me from using magick on her.

Looking for a surefire way that will make this work. Also I don’t care for morality or holding back. I know for a fact she used a love spell on me when I was in a relationship too.


Do you have her name and her d.o.b? That should do it.

If you’re looking to be inconspicuous, call on Zagan to blind her from being able to tell you’re laying tricks on her.

Then Asmodeus to work what’s beneath the belt.

I forgot the date of birth actually

Also I found zagan and asmodi in the order book but only asmodi has one power and that is only to tempt

Are the Goetic demons better than the spells ?

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That’s not true.

I’m not understanding what you’re asking

Will the effect coming from utilising the demons be more powerful and better than using a love or dominating spell ? Its a huge problem if she finds out and starts binding or something else so I’m looking for the most optimal way

This is the power of asmodi in the book

To make somebody succumb to temptation.When you know somebody is tempted by a situation or desire, and they aretrying to resist, Asmodi will compel that person to weaken and succumb totemptation. If there is no temptation for the demon to work with, it will haveno effect.

To tempt others into doing things they don’t want to do.While the first power is more about making somebody give into their craving,addictions, and obsessions, this power is used to make somebody act in a waythat goes against their personal and moral values, or against their betterjudgment. Somebody may, for example, decide not to sign a contract but thisritual could make them sign it, even though they will then be filled withregret. Or somebody may choose not to be with a certain person, or choose aparticular job, but you can compel them to do what you want them to do.

My advice?
1: dont limit yourself to that book. Dont get me wrong, Books are great, but they can only help so much. To strictly abide by the book is to become narrow minded and dogmatic.
2: whether or not a spell is more effective than a demon, is up for debate. There are factors at play. Honestly, you could do both at once.
3: spirits came from human interactions with various forces. Asmodai, can indeed tempt. But there are more tricks up his sleeve.

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I’m new and I find the traditional method a hassle and difficult to do now and these books are simple and powerful with majorly good feedback from the buyers. I will look into to other methods in the future of course. So what would be your recommended surefire choice of action.

Nothing is surefire.

You need to find what personally works for you. Look into various forms of magick.

Maybe try chaos magick? I’ll try to find some stuff for you on here.


I only have these options available

What do you mean?
@Lady_Eva could you link the beginner material? I dont remember the compiled thread.

I mean these are the best choice of options of magick available for me to use in this situation

If your target is a magician as well, then prepare yourself for a fight. No matter what spirits you use, be they demons, gods or whatever, she will know, and she will defend and possibly counterattack.

Plus, she most likely has protections in place, so you will need to overcome those as well.

Recommended course of action ?

Shore up your own defenses. Set some guardians in place. Put up some shields. Make sure you are protected first and foremost.

Then, I would recommend scanning her defenses so you will have an idea of their strength. Once you do, you can choose a spirit capable of overcoming them and making an opening for your love spell to strike the target.

Also have a divination done on the chance of success. That can help you come up with the best strategy. Knowing If her defenses are too strong and your love spell will bounce back is helpful iinformation.

I’ll be using demons. How do I scan defenses ?

Scrying and/or divination.

Can you expand on that a bit or link some guides

A simple scan doesn’t require much. The technique we use in the Power Sensing thread is similar to what you can do:

Use a photo of your target and expand your awareness through it and towards her. You want a light touch, otherwise she may feel or sense you.

The spirits will have a message for me ? I don’t have to ask them ?