Wheres your temple?


Pretty much that.

I’ve never really worked in a temple space, pretty much all of my spellcasting has been without physical impliments or ritual focusing on energy work and reality manipulations, and my work with entities has been during mental-astral projections.

Now that I am getting into Koettings working paradigm I have ordered some copal incense, found a good dagger (Seal PUP!) and am in the process of creating a Circle of pacts, basically setting up to begin preforming ritual magic. One thing eludes me however. I’ve realized have no real space for a temple. I would just do it outside but in the mojave desert we have some pretty nasty wildlife that I see quite often. So I am at a bit of a loss. I would do it in my bedroom but by all accounts that is a bad idea.


The Mojave Desert worked for Jack Parsons… :wink:

I have an extra bedroom in my house set aside for this. I much prefer working outside but right now I’m living in a small town, can’t do any outside workings unless I drive out to the family land.


I use my attic because nobody in my family wants to go up there anyway. Don’t have the privacy outside for a temple but I would prefer that.
I made a 9 foot circle on a painter’s tarp so the attic is the only place big enough for that. Other rooms have too much furniture. I agree doing it your bedroom is probably a bad idea. Unless you don’t want to ever get any sleep.


My alter is a sort of camoflaged dresser, I say camofalged cuz no one realizes what it is because my room is filled with so much weird stuff no one questions there being all sorts of crazy stuff on my dresser. I do all my evocations in my bathroom though, which might be part of the reason why Hentyos and company sometimes show up there while I’m on the toilet.



I evoke demons in my bedroom regularly.


I evoke demons in my bedroom regularly.

This is probably what I am going to end up doing, for now anyway.

Heh, possibly, I am already getting some pretty interesting dreams from opening up a small circle of pacts under my matress where my head rests.

I am going to try scoping out some more desert, maybe I’ll stumble across a nice cave. :slight_smile:


I thought that when i found my outdoor location that i’d be able to use it for all my evocations but i’m realising that it’s too open and thus too exposed to the elements for my level of experience. I imagine that an enclosed outdoor location would be ideal however i don’t know of any in my area, so i work within my studio apartment for everything excluding evocation.


I would like to try evoking outdoors but the UK is so damn small and crowded that is really hard to go anywhere really and not be interrupted by some bloody hiker/dogwalker/farmer/sheepshagger etc… For now I have to unroll the portable alter in the living room late in the evening when the house is quiet.


Nothing wrong with that :slight_smile:


Well Neeros, as you can see, its pretty much a mixed bag … everybody gets very creative and works with what’s available.

I LOVE doing the Rituals of the Old Ways outdoors, with my bare feet on the Earth … I have a Ritual Room complete with altar, tools & supplies in a spare bedroom … I summon/ evoke in my own bedroom regularly. With me, anyplace is appropriate; I simply have to modify the Working to be do-able wherever I am.

Its not the space or the tools or the rites & rituals that ultimately get the Work done … it is Me! :wink:


My COP fits perfectly in my living room. Ive used my dining room, patio and bedroom for evocation. I wouldn’t worry too much about your location, other than making sure its quiet and stays that way during your ritual. I guess that’s easier if you live alone.