Where's Malaysian Flight 370?

In knowing how incredibly perceptive people are in this group, I was wondering if anyone could see where missing flight 370 is?

I saw it briefly over a rather tropical landmass, maybe Vietnam, but it could be anywhere by now.

There’s an ETOPS emergency landing site, which was a designated NASA emergency landing site for the space shuttle at a military base known as Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.


It is within the search area, and a Boeing 777 could land there easily. Why it would be there, and why there’s been no mention of this fact in the media is anyone’s guess, but that’s where I’d put my money.

Seeing how 99% of the ‘news’ is fake…I’m skeptical there ever was a ‘flight 370’.

Probably some ploy to get the sheep worked up and take more of your freedom, as usual.

Now they’ll be more assholes with M16’s at the airports looking for make-believe uber-terrorists and have you spread your assholes even further apart for that ‘safety search’.

Get the gloves baby, Osama could be hiding up there.

I tried taking a look for this and couldn’t get anything, except the image of someone dead in their seat with the seatbelt on (hardly groundbreaking) - I always wonder with major disasters like this, and when kids go missing, whether the huge global attention focused, both hopeful and malicious, doesn’t clog the airwaves up with so many thought-forms and fantasies that it becomes almost impossible to find the truth?

A couple of times I’ve predicted correctly where bodies will be found, but they’re never on this scale, usually just local stuff or smaller news events.

Someone needs to clean this situation up, I’m not liking the breed of thoughtforms being spat at it.

You saw it flying over a tropical land mass? Interesting. I have the strangest feeling that they landed. That’s about all. It doesn’t make sense.

It was Lady Gaga and the Illuminati. Muh shpirits told me.

Euoi, that would be funny.

Yeah, I always feel/know that they landed.

Hmmm I just saw a gaping black portal into nothing over the area where the plane vanished. Not unsettling at all, not at all…

Might’ve been one of me servitors, sent to look for it. Apologies if it bothered you.

No it wasn’t an entity.

That’s because I cloaked it to be that way.

Cloaked in the shadow with a cigarette in hand.

Anyone who gets that reference is officially respected by me.

So, none of the skilled APers here could find that plane ?

Here what an APer told elewhere :

[i] "Using trance projection I could see the plane. The landing gear is down and it is at a large deserted airfield. There are mountains off in the distance. The inside of the plane is ransacked. There is a single guy standing outside on watch, he has a riffle.

I tried to focus on the passangers and got the sense that they are being held somewhere in a single story building with a hip roof. I see the flight captain separated from the rest, sitting in a wooden arm chair."[/i]

If I had the chance to be able to project at will, I’d spend quite some time to hunt for this plane.

Haven’t been keeping up on the flight, actually. Been too busy, eating people and all.

Should do a little hunting tonight, I suppose.