Where'd Your NAME come from?

Hey Guys! I wanna get the ball rolling on really getting to know each other: WHERE DID YOUR NAME COME FROM? WHY DID YOU CHOOSE (OR CREATE) YOUR MONIKER? I’ll start … Back when I first became serious about becoming a Living Goddess, I was reading various ancient texts. In the Egyptian Gnostics, there is the story of Sophia giving birth to her first daughter - Zoe. Who better to identify with than the first daughter of the Mother of All that Is !


Hello Zoe,

I’m the producer and co-creator of the Become A Living God project. My name is Timothy.

I actually invented the idea of the name, and told E.A. about it. He liked it too, so we agreed to go for it.

“Become A Living God” is both a hypnotic command and an affirmation of our aspiration to achieve Magick Ascension.

The basic concept is to aggrandize to the point where you literally can manipulate reality at will, like a God. And we use the word “God” in both a literal and mythical sense.

If you can genuinely develop omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, are you not a god? By definition, you are, according to my dictionary:

GOD: n, a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes

Human beings are magical creatures, by nature. We literally have the power to perform magick built into our genetic makeup and psychology.

Nothing is more self-debasing and self-deprecating than to waste or reject our true nature.

That’s the idea behind the name in a nutshell.

P.S. I also just think the name is cool as fuck.



Well Zoe,

I chose the moniker, “Aurora9” because Aurora was the ancient Roman Goddess of the Dawn. Dawn is the beginning of day; also the beginning or “rise” of something. Lucifer is the son of the morning; son of Aurora. I chose the number 9 because 9 is the number of “Perfection”. :slight_smile:

I am RidgeRunner because I grew up in the hills with a bunch of hoodoos and spent most of my childhood running the ridges since I didn’t go through traditional schools.

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As far as my moniker, Gozer, …always been a fan Of that Dark God on Ghostbusters since I was a kid. lol …It resonates with a Higher degree of Interdimensional Darkness that I definetly identify with at my Core.
I LOVE IT! Thanks Gozer!

Well Zoe,

I chose the moniker, “Aurora9” because Aurora was the ancient Roman Goddess of the Dawn. Dawn is the beginning of day; also the beginning or “rise” of something. Lucifer is the son of the morning; son of Aurora. I chose the number 9 because 9 is the number of “Perfection”. :)[/quote]

Thank you, Aurora9…My impression is you are a sensitive Soul, aren’t you? There’s great strength & power in that kind of sensitivity. Adore you I do.

Ah, a bit of the wild childe; Independent … Free-thinking … Bold … Reckless … Stubborn … Loving, but also a Loner … I like You, RidgeRunner. Thank you for sharing.

Well Zoe,

I chose the moniker, “Aurora9” because Aurora was the ancient Roman Goddess of the Dawn. Dawn is the beginning of day; also the beginning or “rise” of something. Lucifer is the son of the morning; son of Aurora. I chose the number 9 because 9 is the number of “Perfection”. :)[/quote]

Thank you, Aurora9…My impression is you are a sensitive Soul, aren’t you? There’s great strength & power in that kind of sensitivity. Adore you I do.[/quote]

You are spot on Zoe! :slight_smile: I can count on one hand the amount of people who have been able to “read” that about me - being a “sensitive Soul.” It definitely has its benefits. Especially in the world of magick.

Hello. I chose this name because it was my best guess as to what would be occurring on this forum… a party of godmen and women congregating in ascent! My ‘real’ name means ‘gift of god’ however, and I am definitely looking to increase these gifts here with the communion of other God persons! Nice to meet you.

Hello, I chose my name due to my geneology being 100% Norwegian and personality type. Mainly power which thanks to EA and all the help from our movement. My power is growing and results are coming quickly. A hammer crashing is exactly how my power is coming to me and how things go down when I need to defend myself. I trained and competed NHB for appox 10yrs(before the gloves and endless rules). Being held back was always the reason for my losses. I will NOT be held back anymore. I am a very strong believer in being versatile physically and spiritually. Since the physical body keeps the mind running and strong, the mind does also for the physical body. I’m also trying to contact my viking ancestors for guidance and hope this happens sooner then later. If anyone can help with any tricks I’d greatly appreciate it. I aspire to become a strong spiritual warrior in all aspects and angles. There will come a time when we all are going to have to exert all our powers great or small. Something big is coming. The more knowledge, help, and understanding we have, the more we can accomplish, protect, and succeed.

Thanks for joining Us; hope you enjoy the party … it promises to be one helluva ride!

Greetings, NordicHammer, you are most welcome here! An ‘old world’ masculine Energy, hmmm. Someone very Dear to me is a LOKIAN, so I understand from whence you come, a bit. And regarding your question of contacting your Ancestors I might be of assist; I’m Welsh/Irish and 1st generation American. We Celts are a tribal bunch and Ancestors are extremely important. This worked for me: I set aside “family time” every day, at the same time, for about 15 minutes. During this time I went down into a light trance and pondered, say, the quality & nature of my great- great grandmother, based upon what I already understood of Our culture and what I hoped she was like. The doing of this, day after day, with desire and openess, was like an Invitation - a “You are most welcome here”, and it didn’t take long for her to respond. Hope this works as well for you as it did - and does - for Me.

Thank you for responding Zoe, means a lot. Really glad to hear that you have results. I can only operate in a trance at the moment. Unsure if I have an overactive imagination but I trance and notice I did and come back. I have yet to astral project through meditation. I’m not sure if that would matter or not. But most of the time I get results meditating with my eyes open. While they’re closed all I see is yellow and white lights. A brightness so to speak. I’ve been learning about so much since I was a child, reading, stories, talks, but in the last 6mos started practicing. I have a lot of support and powerful people around me often. Some have stores and they’ll let me come in do what I will with their advice so I dont hurt myself so to speak. 1st generation is so amazing. Such a strong attachment to your roots. Mine are so distant. Not many celts out my way unfortunately. I will definately try this technique and thank you so much for helping me achieve greatness and welcoming me to a place I can finally be me.

I chose Kyra as a name as she is a character in the Chronicles of Riddick, a sci-fi movie set in a very diverse galaxy which oddly made me feel more at home than this planet ever has. Even my therapist -who is an advanced healer- once told me “You’re not from around here” and she wasn’t talking about the town she lives in, although it took me a while to discover what exactly she meant by that. All I can say is that I’ve felt a connection to the Orion constellation ever since I was a kid, although I haven’t been able to find out yet what that connection exactly is. Anyway, the character of Kyra started out as a girl who disguised herself as a boy in order to survive the rough world and who was basically always hiding or on the run and didn’t get love or guidance anywhere, which basically describes my youth. She grows up however to be quite the capable and feisty criminal.

I’ll admit I’m not a criminal…yet. :smiley:

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There are SO many tools, So many techniques, So much information out there -to attempt to try them all would take 7 lifetimes and exhaust you! So I’m going to offer some advise that I hope will help you NOT get bogged down or sidetracked or spinning your wheels so to speak:

LEARN TO DISCERN WHAT YOUR INTERIOR IS COMMUNICATING TO YOU WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT SOMETHING SPECIFIC. It’ll save you a World of time, frustration & confusion! Here’s a way to do it:

When you hear of a technique -the success of another - someone recommends a book - whatever - TAKE A BEAT. Imagine yourself DOING IT, going thru the motions. Evaluate how you feel as you imagine doing the work of it - do you feel empowered? confused? bored? too much trouble? onto something good? Whatever feedback you’re receiving from within, trust it.

We all have natural affinities and inherent aversions. Use them to guide yourself. Another important point: Be truly glad & supportive of others as you witness their Successes, but don’t assume you have to follow in their footsteps in order to achieve YOUR results. You are Unique, and your path will likewise be unique, because it is a path You are building as you go, sorting & sifting through all the information and experiences you encounter. Be utterly pleased with where you are right now and damn well STOKED about where you’re headed. All the Best FOR You is IN You. Never compare yourself to another, because it’ll never BE apples 'n apples - unique really does mean unique, in every conceivable sense of the word. GO FOR IT!!!

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I chose Kyra as a name as she is a character in the Chronicles of Riddick

Glad to meet you, Kyra. I’m a Riddick fan, and the character Kyra is one I have true respect for. Boy, you ARE a 'Hider" aren’t you? Still, I get selective things about you - the ‘tough girl’ part is a glamour & a warning, but not really YOU. The True Kyra is filled with the pride & protectiveness of a hard won Self-Reliance; you are competent, you trust yourself and you long for close relationships, but NOT at the expense of the Esteem you fought for, shedding blood and tears … GOOD FOR YOU! Stand your ground, because ANY relationship worth having will not ask you to compromise your dignity & self-respect.

My Name means good messenger… and carries with it the name of my Grandfather whom I share many characteristics. The Magus Warrior Metal Working Blood flows through my veins… I have only ever sought what is mine… My birthright…

Evangelos … of those ever so skilled & talented Spanish Swordsmiths? Those secret Mages who, after being used by the Crown, were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisitors for gaining their knowledge from the devil? And the few who survived turned their noble craft to the next most noble use of it - jewelry & small personal items … If I’ve read rightly, yours is indeed a Heritage to take pride in. And you are unequivocably entitled to own it and further it. Welcome, Brother. I like your Private, Self-Referencing Energy and your dignity. A True Noble, you are :wink: Z

Just used the short version of my birth name, My name rocks! lol…It means God is Remembering. Which is how I feel at this point of my journey. I am remembering my true divinity and power that is now manifesting in my present incarnation. 555 means I’m neither evil nor a saint. The number 5 also has a very special significance in music theory. FYI I’m a total jazz theory geek. 5 is the dominant chord in music, it’s tense and demands resolution. Think of any Beatles tunes like Sgt. Pepper and you have the sound of a 5 chord. If you put three 5 chords in a row like A7-D7-G7 and you have a series of dominant chords resolving to other dominant chords. The vibrations of this musical energy is so intense that it revolutionized music 120 years ago in New Orleans and the Delta. This progression broke the chains of traditional european music and created Jazz and Blues! In turn Jazz and blues spawned all of the popular musical we are so familiar with today. Music is changing again today, so I want to mix magick and music together to break new boundries and create something hip, funky and sure to make your booty move and mind soar. Yep yep! Glad to be a part of this group.

My name is more identified in my mind with the Tarot image of the divine fool. The neophyte is like the fool, Aleph, the beginning, starting out on a journey, but both the beginning and the end. I feel like the eternal seeker of the mysteries, but like the fool can be airheaded and overproud at risk of falling into the abyss im so busy with thoughts in the clouds. On the other hand the fool travels light and has all he needs, he has travelled alone but has the confidence and skills to face the unknown. Both the fool and the neophyte must treat every journey like the initial steps of a child who has everything to learn, and in my case thats certainly true. I may have spent 20 years reading occult, philosphical, and mystical works but my ability to get results till now has given the universe a good laugh at least.