Where'd my topic go?

Hey guys, I made a topic earlier and now it says it’s “unlisted”. Why would that happen?

One of the mods will have made this decision. You can contact @Lady_Eva to ask about this. ( she’ll see this @ when she logs on next, so don’t worry about it )

If you made it before your introduction it’s against the rules to interact before a proper introduction. May have been taken down for that.

If share a link, we could have a look for you?

Doesn’t usually get unlisted for that. At most, one of the regular would move it temporarily

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Here is the topic

Has Eva messaged you? I can see why she’d have unlisted it. We get a lot of trolls and through here and this post really comes across that way

She hasn’t messaged me

I @ her here, so she’ll see this thread


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Already made one

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sorry mate, didn’t notice it ( slightly embarrassing since I replied to it )

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Looks like my reply didn’t post, our internet kept cutting out yesterday, I have now replied. :+1:

I’m also going to send you a method of travelling in spirit realms by PM.

Thank you Lady Eva!

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