Where to study path of defilement?

the path of dark defilement is a path that i’m very drawn to but is the path i know least about. i’m wondering if there’s any articles or videos to really study it or at least if i could learn how much things like shielding and grounding are changed? just because the grounding techniques i’ve learned about are about grounding the toxic energies out of you but as you may know, the path of defilement is one about indulging in toxicity. so if anyone could help me out, it would be appreciated

Shielding and grounding, would simply be done in the same manner, though you’d be sending away the positive energies into the earth, and shielding from the positive aspects also through intention.
With these two things, it’s already a basic framework to start from.
I’m not certain, if there’s articles or videos, but I’m sure if you were to look for materials, you might come across some, or something of worth to the path you seek.

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Try here:


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ok thanks, i’ll try that

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looks interesting