Where to start?

I am curious as to which of EA’s books is a good starting point for a complete beginner? and what if any tools should I acquire at this point?

The Become a Living God E-Book is a good overview of various practices and has exercises you can try out and a variety of methods, very good choice if you want a survey of different magickal techniques.

If you want to go full out black magick style many people have reported excellent results starting with Works of Darkness. I have read it and I would recommend it. It starts from ground zero and goes step by step through everything you’ll need to get started including tools. Although I have not worked though it myself, while reading it I recognized many of the techniques and methods as variations of things I have done that worked for me.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Narius and yes I am interested in Black Magick or at least I think I am, being new it’s really hard to know. I am all for self empowerment but I have no desire to curse or harm anyone unless it is in self defense.