Where to get a reading?

Hi folks,

Reading through various posts recently, several times I’ve noticed advice given out where it’s suggested that the person should get a reading done…

So where exactly do you get a reading? And I suppose I’m talking about actually paying for this service.

So would it be best to find someone who lives locally to me to do this? I’m just wondering if the reading would be more exact in the flesh rather than over the internet - Or can a reading over the internet be just as valid? Is there some sort of particular website for this?

Also, over the internet, would it be done via a video call for example - or is there some other method to connect and pass what ever info is needed to whoever is doing the reading?

Apologies if these are ‘noob’ questions - I’ve absolutely no idea how this process works… It’s just something I’ve started to consider getting done. I’m still in the pondering stage but it would good to know how it all works.



Anyone who can practice divination. Many here will often hand out free ones from time to time.

You can or you can wait for an opportunity to get a free one. Or you can do one for yourself.

This is optional.


No. They’re everywhere this place being one.

It can be. I’ve done them via email.

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Thanks for the speedy reply and the info.

Free is good - but I’m OK about paying for such a service, wasn’t really looking for a handout so to speak…

It’s good to know that over the internet is just as valid of a method, I guess my concern is finding someone who is authentic… Not that anybody on here isn’t… But I have seen ads pop up on various websites for readings and it’s hard to know how genuine they all are…