Where to find oils/potions etc for sale

I am working up to making my own oils potions etc, but it will be some time before I am there. in the meantime, is there anyone on the forum who makes and or sells D.U.M.E. oil, War Water, and if you have a list of other interesting product I would appreciate it.
Also- i am going to have to learn things, i had a “whisper” in my ear a couple years ago saying I had to gear my mind to learning "Demonic Alchemy’ which shamedly i kinda ‘ya ya whatever’ ed, i just had alot in my head . but now see that this need I have now is what I was being dismisive about. if anyone out there knows whatever I am talking about and am willing to be a guiding help, I would appreciate it.
I am assumiing there are Gods, Demons, Entities etc, who will be advantageous to be able to work with.

Thanx, even though it seems all I do is ask for help, i am trying to tie down ‘King procrasitinator’ and his bogus assistant ‘sloth’.

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I never saw anyone selling here but maybe due to rules.

Anyway, @Yberion has a good post about Dume Spells

Help with DUME jar spell

and @emperor once suggested that site, in case


I can give you a recipe for war water.

Storm water (put out a bottle during a thunderstorm to collect the rain)
A rusty nail

If you want to make it especially potent, add these two:
asafoetida powder (buy it here, don’t use too much because it stinks!)

I’d also highly recommend this site, gotten lots of great stuff on there!


awesome Thanx !!!

I want to share with you guys this website for some very interesting oils.
If you look under apothecary it has oils that are interesting.
I like fire of love and if you are working with Belial you can get Belial oil which is nice as well as several others if you are into working with others.

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Just make sure when you use dume oil it’s for a legit reason. It will totally work BUT has a reputation that once the petition is finished it will backlash on you if the reason was bullshit.

For some reason dume works that way

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I know black witch coven sells some oils/herbs/supplies. blackwitchcoven.com

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

It’s easier to do it yourself

i love BWC, got my dume oil from her, i swear it is like a race horse on steriods busting to ’ get going’ … Hellz help me… no one help my enemy.