Where to buy a bowl for fire scrying?

Has anyone found a place online that sells metallic bowls on a stand suitable for fire scrying similar to what is used in the course? Every time I search for one all I get is barbeque equipment.

I shit you not, look up stainless pet dishes with a stand. I ended up machining my own bowl and welding my own stand after I saw what they had on line, but that was just because my work had extra material on hand and I had a down time day by chance, but I based it off a picture on Amazon. Otherwise, look up the dog or cat bowls (a cat bowl would be a better size for fire scrying). Side note, I ended purchasing one of the extra large models for my English Mastiff. I doubt if he cares, but it does look nice.

Worse case and you have to make your own frame: buy the bowl
and some thick stainless wire or small rod. Bend the top supporting part of the frame to bowl you buy. And build what ever type of support frame you want. I would MIG weld with small gauge wire to tack it; or TIG it with no wire, just melt it together; worst case tack it with stick welding, but with the smallest rod you can get (average small rod is 1/8, unless you can find 3/32). Remember, don’t breath the fumes while welding stainless steel, bad stuff, make your dick fall off kind of bad: hexavalent chromium= bad shit.

google iron bowl stand or pot stand. if bad comes to worse google dog bowl stand and you’ll find a bunch of them.

I just bought a steel food mixing bowl from big W

Picked up a suitable size metallic bowl and stand in a flea market in New Orleans last weekend. Not sure what alloy it is but I’ll test it out within the next few days.