Where to begin

I’ve never done any money magick. I do have a low paying job and could use some extra money though if I manage my money right then I get by with no problem. Where would I begin? What supplies do I need and what grimoires do I need to be referred to as a blueprint or what incantations or spirits do I call on? Is there consequences for asking for money when I get by ok right now (though I do have a big debt to take care of)

There’s a list of method people on here got results with in this thread and that’s wuite diverse, so that’s one thing to look at.

If you can figure out what your beliefs are, or at least what they aren’t (e.g. I’m not a believer in the Koran so anything based on that wouldn’t resonate for me) that gives you a starting place, as well.

I have great results getting things (like a full-length Matrix-style leather coat for next to nothing, or as gifts) using the methods from the books Science Of Getting Rich & Think And Grow Rich, which are both readily (and legally) available as PDFs - both have got me some great results on those things, and they work for other people for money as well, I just have some dumb block on that. :wink:

Both of those also explore why there aren’t cpnsequences (i.e. why it’s not “greed”) - The Science Of Getting Rich one is best for that, and it’s shorter as well.