Where To Begin?

I have very little experience in magick so i really wouldn’t know where to begin.I did do a ritual to Lillith for one of her daughters.I know it might have been risky to do so since i really didn’t use any protection.However i’m fortunate that nothing malevolent has happened.The only other time i came close to doing magick was a sigil i created to feel my spirit better.Ever since i’ve been able to.Other than those times i haven’t done anything.So i guess my question is where would an aspiring magick practitioner begin?Any suggestions at this point would be appreciated to at least give me a reference point to begin my journey.

Sigil Magick, in particular the technique taught by EA Koetting, would be a good place to start. There is a whole chapter on it in his book titled ‘‘works of darkness’’. After familiarizing yourself with sigil magick, you can then take things further and summon the presence of entities in evocations. You really do not even need any physical manifestation to get powerful results; you only need to get feel the presence. So do play around with this while training your astral senses( another whole chapter in works of darkness on this),so that you may eventually get to the stage where it is possible to see and communicate with entities. Just take things one step at a time, and you will eventually find you have become a potent magician.

Good luck.


Thank you both for your replies.