Where to begin, self healing

Hey everyone so as these days have passed it’s been running thoughts of me questioning and doubting what’s in my future. I’ve envied I’ve been powerful and I’ve been belittled and I’ve been greatly confident. All this is because what my mind races deeply of a thought and lingers. I don’t know if I mention all that right but I get lost of my words being wrote down like this.

I desperately need an outlet, I’m into learning studying the healing of stones and any form of healing just need a friend to guide me. If anyone can help it’s greatly appreciated

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First thing is , what are you trying to heal from ?


I guess from my emotions and pain to sum it all

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You should get a journal and write down what subconscious beliefs are holding your reality back , meditate on each one and figure out the memories causing it , transmutate the emotions and thank the memories for helping you evolve even if it’s painful , you should also do everything in your power to keep your vibration high


I’ve let situations get the best of me where I overthink the outcomes and the discourage it brings

So I let this pain in due to the events it has led to

When I become confident within it I become ugly. I did banishing, I’ve meditate, I haven’t spoken upon anyone but experienced it with another doing so. I get help from this person but I feel like they are not greatly interested in teaching me or helping me. They had no trouble seeking for themselves that has opened a door of me worrying

Yeah , that inner voice is the ego and it’s projecting your beliefs to you , don’t listen to it , it does whatever it can to rationalize you doing anything that makes you uncomfortable, like feeling beautiful might bring up a blockage of feeling ugly from a memory , work through the blockage , the voice in your head / rational thinking is a lie , it’s like a dog chasing it’s tail , it always needs something to complain / worry about


Hey, OP. I understand that you are at a loss for words because of the sadness and pain you’ve been feeling but still, it is evident that you have so many thoughts and emotions you just want to express for someone, anyone to hear and understand in return. I second the previous comment’s suggestion of beginning a journal, whether it be here on this forum or IRL, as an outlet for such.

I think I’m getting a gut feeling who and why could this be but then again, I could have observed wrong so I can’t say for sure.

Again, don’t know what kind of advice and approach to provide because the details of your situation are quite… vague. But I’d also like to help. Would you like an oracle card reading to provide you a bit of clarify and comfort regarding your situation? I could pull a card for you if you’d like, but please feel free to accept or reject it depending on how you truly think/feel about me reading your situation.

Aside from healing techniques and meditations and all that we do here, I have to say that it is completely okay to seek professional help and still practice.

I dealt with panic attacks and major depressive disorder and had to get outside help for a while. I’m not sure if this is what you are experiencing because the explanation is a little vague and I don’t know you, but I just wanted to throw that out there because I feel that many people may not realize that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself spiritually is go seek professional help.

I hope you are doing okay. I’m still learning a lot of healing myself, so I’ll leave that for others to answer.