Where lies the difference between a curse and being mad at someone

Since I moved away from all light and love philosophies in the past I became interested in curses and read up a lot on them.
The basic barebone formula for a curse seems to be:
-conjure up the negative emotions concerning the person/incident
-direct it at target person

Now, the predicament I find myself in is that when I get mad at someone I become paranoid of cursing them by accident (in situations where a curse might not be justified). And I dont want to run around cursing people left and right.
The reason I am afraid of this is that, in theory, I see no difference between the formula above and being mad at someone. When Im mad at someone I think about the reason why Im mad, I get angry and I direct it at them.
So because I dont want to curse people just because Im mad at them I keep some of the rage inside which I dont think is particularly healthy.

Is this a justified fear? Is cursing that simple (I also read somewhere that children naturally curse people when they are mad at them)?
Or is this unjustified and I need not worry about it? Is maybe the punishment automatically equal to the harm done, so that even if my being mad works as a curse it manifests like a slap on the wrist instead of the universe immediately signing a death contract on that person?


I suppose it depends on whether or not people think you’re a doormat and become habitual line crossers, or if you even explain your boundaries to offenders, then sit back and see the response. If they continue, then I say curse away.

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This is justified, negative energy is sent regardless of whether you tell them about it.

However like all curses it depends on thier protections as to whether it does anything. As being angry is relatively mild and withon the bounds of normal behavior, most people are not strongly affected by it and would never notice.

You’d have to tell them about it and really talking it out to get a resolution is ideal.


It’s not. Feel the emotion and state it will not manifest

It’s justified though and yes children can with intent deliver very nasty curses if they know what they’re doing.

Just affirm that you’re not sending that energy out to anyone and you’ll be fine. I struggle with this two and I affirm it and nothing bad happens.


Seems like conflicting advise.
The way I read @Mulberry s post I would think that its fine to ‘send’ it out as its within the normal range of emotion and (probably?) only really does damage if the person themself think theyve done wrong.
@Twilight_Dragon s I read the way that its important to state that I dont send it out.
But that does beg to me the question where do I send it instead?
On first glance Id say its natural to send it at the person who angered me.

I agree and I strive to do just that. However its not always possible so I was thinking of these cases mostly.

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It’s still been released just not with the intent of harming someone it disapates usually but I visualize sun light eating it

You definitely can do that too depending on your purpose :wink:. If it’s someone you close to and care about its best to be more cautious if it’s an enemy or prick then go all in and send it back :grin:

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I think the main thing is to be mindful of your energy, what is affecting you and what you do with it.

To turn it around, you could also say that by letting yourself get angry you’ve allowed the other person to curse you. Energy has come in to your system from them and it interacted in a way that is causing this emotion. So rather than have to send it anywhere, I would say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Be aware of external influences and ground yourself before you get into such a state in the first place.

Thats a good idea. And another thing that came to my mind is that negative emotions can also serve at fuel for artistic endeavours.
Im just unsure whether purposely storing that energy in the first place to then use it is a wise decision or not.

Yes. But even with a loved one Im thinking about if sending it back might be a good idea.
Not with the aim of them suffering but with the aim that they notice their behaviour is off and hopefully adapt it.
So basically sending negativity back with the goal of helping instead of hurting.

I would say Im naturally more inclined to let something run through me rather than blocking it outright.
But your advice is certainly an approach I will look more into. Even if just as a secondary line of defense.
Thank you.

i used to be afraid of this too, maybe i still am sometimes, honestly, anger is a normal human emotion, but if you feel you may inadvertently curse someone, i suggest meditating, specifically on the hindu gods or jesus, they will help you manage it

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Mad and anger vitalize the curse.

Anger is the power of a good curse but getting angry at someone and cursing them is a separate situation entirely. Anger is simply fear that you need to resolve through an understanding of the situation. A better diet and physical exercise would also go a long way towards correcting anger issues.

Cursing is a controlled release of anger using focus, direction and intention under a controlled atmosphere namely ritual. The two are completely different simply because of Intention. It is solely through intention that everything happens or manifests in this world. We must first of all know exactly what we want before we can start to materialise it through our own creative energies. The journey always starts at the end, never at the beginning. So don’t be scared of cursing someone through anger alone as the intention would be missing to direct the thoughts correctly.

@MagickVigilante Not too sure I vibe with those gods but that gets me thinking about forgiveness. Which I think is a good idea in the situations Im talking about here but I have a hard time enacting it. So thinking on that will probably be a good idea.

@savodonger I see your point about intention being vitally important. I dont know if that is because I read up on curses so much but I feel like even in these situations where I dont ‘really’ have the intention to curse, there is still some part of me that does want vengeance, even for slight misssteps from other people. And this part usually jumps in in the heat of the moment and I feel like the intention to curse is there but then I think about it and get confused because I dont know whether its appropriate or not.
I think there is a part of me that just wants to get back at everyone, no matter how big the offense. But there is also the part that would like to not put that much weight on such situations and would like to not bother with it so much.

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When you’re mad it’s a little less deliberate and thus slightly less decisive – more reactive than responsive. Curses are more “organised”.

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